3 Good Climate News Stories So Far This Year

You asked for less nihilism? Here’s 3 minutes of reading time to cheer you up. (Maybe.)

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3 min readJun 2, 2022


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You don’t need to tell me it’s been quite a year.

When people tell me to be positive, I say, “I am your pinch of salt.” (With the emphasis on the pinch.) Yeah, I can get a little salty sometimes.

So let’s get it straight: Nothing wrong with balanced doom-scrolling.

You won’t catch me telling people to have a nice day. Well, I live in London. Nuff said. But I won’t lie, like any thinking person, the global situation does stress me out. How could it not?

So believe it or not, I found some good climate change news. No, really.

These three climate change stories made me do a silent fist bump to the air. You go, humans! (Ok, maybe not that enthusiastic, but you get my drift).

175 nations agree to limit plastic production

To make plastic, you need oil.

So not only does the stuff pollute our oceans, but it also causes climate change. In March 2022, 175 nations agreed to a treaty that would restrict the growth of plastic production.

The oil industry knows its days are numbered.

Some voices in climate change talk about big oil making plastic a Plan B and churning out more plastic than ever before. But this year, they admit the plan may have backfired.

Another leading insurance company will no longer back oil companies

The world’s largest reinsurance company is taking climate change seriously.

This month, Swiss Re announced that it would no longer offer insurance to companies whose business activities exceed a science-based net-zero target by 2050.

The move comes after the carbon-intensive industries have become increasingly exposed to climate risks in recent years.

China’s staggering clean energy goals in the next 5 years

Why did China give the west the side-eye at COP26 last year?



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