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10 Green Technologies that will Change the World

A glimpse into a greener, better future

Green walls in a hotel. Image by Pixabay.

1. Sunlight Transport

Sunlight Transport Technology (credit: Parans)

2. Plastic Roads

PlasticRoad bike path in Holland (credit: Flickr)

3. Solar Flower

Open Smart Flower (credit: energioklima).

4. Plant Walls

Green Wall in the Musée du quai Branly (Credit: Wikipedia)

5. Milk Textiles

Milk based yarn (Credit: Texas Table Top)

6. Plant-based packaging

Plant-based plastic bottles (credit: Wikipedia)

7. Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Solar roof “slate” tiles from Tesla (credit: Gardenista).

8. Cool pavements

Cool pavement portion in a parking lot (credit: Wikipedia)

9. Hydrogen-fuelled Cars

RiverSimple Rasa (credit: Wikipedia)

10. Sustainable Phones

Smartphone (credit: Pngimg).




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João Gonçalves

I am a certified project manager passionate about the environment and fighting climate change, with a penchant for urban environments.