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Bull and cow elk running across a field
Photo by Christian Yonkers

Do Hunters and Anglers Still Matter?

“If we’re going to maintain the system, we have to have robust participation beyond 55-year-old white guys.”

The roots of conservation

Hunting shotgun with turkey call and hunting license
Photo by Christian Yonkers

The financial case for hunting and angling

Skin in the game: Hunters’ and anglers’ intrinsic contributions to conservation

“This is less about money and more about ethos” — Tawney.

“What makes sense to me is perpetuating the hunting and fishing culture that we have in North America and thinking about how we can add and engage other people that can contribute to this conservation legacy.”

Melting ice on Lake Michigan
Photo by Christian Yonkers

Beyond hunting and fishing: sportsperson-funded conservation and climate change

“From a scientific standpoint, well-managed fish and wildlife mean well-managed habitat,” Fosburgh said. “This is actually a very important part of dealing with climate change.”


“We have a growing constituency that might not look like the traditional conservationists in the country, which have been hunters and anglers. How do we embrace them?”



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Christian Wayne Yonkers

A Michigan-based journalist and photographer creating content for environmental and social change.