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Melania Trump and President Trump remain onstage as Joe Biden leaves at the closing of the last presidential debate.
First lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump remain onstage as Joe Biden exits at the close of the last presidential debate 10/22/2020. Photo by AP News/Julio Cortez.

I’m Pro-life and Pro-Gun, Yet Voting Biden

I love my guns, and I’m pro-life. But a second Trump term is untenable. Here are my reasons why …

The Conservative elements of my politics

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Trump’s pro-life paper tiger

Bottom line on pro-life: Biden is FAR from perfect … but he’s not Trump

Rifle cartridges and an AR-15 magazine
Photo by Will Porada on Unsplash

Trump’s pro-gun paper tiger

  • 364 people were killed with rifles (including “assault rifles” and hunting rifles).
  • 600 people were killed with fists, hands, feet, etc.
  • 1,476 people were killed with knives.
  • 397 people were killed with clubs and hammers.




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