Why Energy Democracy is Necessary for a Sustainable and Just Future

A novel social movement that is still in its emergence

Athina Kontolati
Climate Conscious


Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

The support of economic growth relies on energy to a great extent. Energy plays a significant role in enhancing people’s standard of living (1).

Today, energy governance, both at a global and national level, face a variety of challenges. Climate change, public health, and water quality are some of these challenges. In this context, the necessity of energy transformation leads the road to the development of a model that is not associated with the causes of contemporary energy-related problems (2).

What is necessary for the energy transformation to be fulfilled is the decarbonization of the current energy system, which in turn requires the “increased deployment of renewable energy sources (RES)”. One of the main advantages that RES have over conventional sources, e.g., coal, gas, etc., is that they can be deployed not only on a large scale but on a small scale too. Thus, RES investment and development can also benefit cooperatives and small businesses, as well as individuals and local communities. As a consequence, the increased role of societal actors is promoted (2).

The need for the development of a sustainable energy model globally due to the climate crisis is…