Air Sensor

Air Sensor is part of a lager project of a startup called Plume Labs, whose goal is to provide citizens with a easy way of tracking their exposure to air pollutants and engage them to be part of the first human-powered air pollution monitoring network.

Plume Lab is a team that had designed a mobile application, Plum Air Report, which facilitates an urban weather forecast with information from official quality monitoring stations in 300+ major metropolitan areas in 50 countries. Additionally, the startup has teamed up with Twitter’s UK division and initiated a creative campaign to captured worldwide attention. They had equipped a flock of pigeons with tiny backpacks carrying an ultra-light air monitoring equipment to track air quality all around London and provided the information to Londoners who tweeted to them at @pigeonair.

Citizens will be joining a collaborative network by mapping air pollution with a miniature wearable sensor. It will help people to identify low pollution routes, find fresh air havens and to know when is the best time to ventilate their homes, reducing theirs exposure to environmental factors.

For being part of the first community of sensing citizens, people will carry with them an ultra-light sensor to track the pollutant gases (NO2, O3 and VOC) in real time wherever they go. An app, connected to it, will provide details of personal exposure and alert the users when air quality is unhealthy around.

The impact of this project will be able to be measure through a live map that will be updated with the data collect from every sensor in the city, making visual the harmful emission of air pollution and better-inform citizens on how they can protect themselves of it.

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