Agriculture and Economic Empowerment

Sub-Saharan Africa is generally characterized by low production and productivity in the agriculture sector,despite rapidly growing human population which calls for closing the production gap in crops, livestock, forestry, aquaculture and fisheries.FAO

Agricultural economic activities are a major social -economic driver in eradication of extreme poverty and uplifting of communities in rural Kenya.

Africa has to debunk the notion that small holder farming is meant for subsistence only ,on the contrary Agriculture and Agribusiness creates livelihoods that can free communities from abject poverty.

Erratic rainfall ,lack of inputs and use of inefficient farming practices contribute to low productivity and low quality produce.However, with a little assistant and with the will thereof communities in rural Africa can be uplifted and poverty will be a thing of the past.

We at Essential Innovative Synergy Africa (EISA) see the potential of Agriculture and Agribusiness as a whole in the development of rural Kenya and also eradication of extreme poverty.

For example,with a little help and encouragement communities can learn techniques on how to conserve water and improve on soil fertility, and also motivate them to grow crops such as sorghum,cassava,green grams, chillies and millet, which are more drought-tolerant than traditional crops such as maize. These drought-tolerant crops are also in high demand locally, for example sorghum is used for beer production by the largest East African brewery, which means that they bring in a much better price.

At EISA we believe Agribusiness can offer long term sustainable livelihoods and all it takes is a little imagination, help and commitment.