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Climate Futures
Climate Futures


Bot: A software program, such as a spider, that performs automated tasks on the Internet or Blockchain network.

DrawDown Bot: Code that automatically offsets more carbon than the transaction emits, enabling the network to support the drawdown of carbon from the atmosphere.

ecoNFT: An NFT containing code for a drawdown bot utilizing the 1PLANET token and smart contract for automatic carbon reduction every time the NFT is minted and transferred.

EcoNFTs were developed by Climate Futures to transform a regular NFT into a carbon reduction and ecosystem restoration “bot”. The ecoNFT contains code which utilizes the 1PLANET carbon credit token (1PLCO2) to automatically offset more carbon than the NFT creates from the blockchain network. This creates a carbon drawdown effect by supporting regenerative climate projects every time an ecoNFT is minted and resold.

Our vision is to transform blockchain networks into decentralized “carbon drawdown networks” using NFTs as the vehicle. This flips the current public narrative on its head that NFTs and blockchain networks are harmful to the climate and a waste of energy while giving NFT collectors and creators an easy way to take action against climate change.

NFTs have taken crypto mainstream and with ecoNFTs the Metaverse can impact our physical reality by leveraging carbon finance in a seamless manner. As our physical and digital realities continue to overlap and merge, crypto-carbon finance becomes the clear mechanism for bridging ecological action between these realities. With DLT technology every ton of CO2 reduced is tracked transparently and our 1PLANET platform gives creators the meta-data behind every project tied to each ecoNFT transaction.

Some ecoNFT Use Cases

Many people in the NFT community are environmentally conscious and the use cases for ecoNFTs are many, for example:

1) Artists that want to make NFT creations that also continuously help the environment in the future.

2) Influencers/sports stars that also want positive branding as an eco-warrior can roll with an ecoNFT avatar.

3) NFT games can use ecoNFTs to support a particular climate project or program that is connected to the game/company.

4) Environmental/Social NGOs that want to create drops for particular causes can feel better about using ecoNFTs for their program.

5) With ecoNFTs it’s extremely easy to allow NFT ticket sales for live events to also reduce the carbon footprint of that event in a verifiable manner.

Our 1PLANET tech stack enables multi-chain ecoNFTs, and we are launching our first version together with our 1PLCO2 token on the Polygon PoS network so that our ecoNFTs are usable in OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces. As Polygon has recently committed to becoming carbon neutral as part of it’s sustainability goals, 1PLANET ecoNFTs can add a positive compounding effect to Polygon’s mission to reduce more carbon emissions than they generate.

At Climate Futures we like to innovate, and we think ecoNFTs are an exciting new tool in the fight against climate change. We aim to publicly launch our ecoNFT Portal at very soon. Follow-us on Twitter or join our Instagram and stay-tuned for more details!

If your NFT project or studio is interested in collaborating or creating ecoNFTs for drops then please contact us @



Climate Futures
Climate Futures

We strongly believe the planet needs our help. Our 1PLANET Marketplace unites the power of blockchain & carbon markets to advance global climate solutions.