#ClimateWednesday: Green Energy Solutions for People and the Planet by Deborah Fadeyi

Due to the rising daily energy demands of all peoples throughout the world, the world is fast becoming a global village, despite the earth’s inability to alter shape. The need for energy and related services is growing to meet the needs of social and economic growth, human well-being, and health.

Electricity is still unavailable to about 760 million people. Around 2.6 billion people do not have access to healthy cooking options.

In Nigeria, significant population development has resulted in a rise in industrial activity as well as increasing energy use, resulting in pollution and economic concerns. To improve its power generating capability, the federal government has to assess existing renewable energy programmes and make maximum use of them.

Deborah Fadeyi, a social entrepreneur and the founder of the Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability for Africa Initiative, made this appeal during our weekly Twitter space.

“Typically, green energy solutions should be placed to the forefront. It encourages collaboration across all industries. “Governments should accept these ecological solutions to make the world a better place to live,” she stated.

Written by Peace Nwachukwu

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