#ClimateWednesday: How the SDGs Can Help Fight Plastic Pollution by Ismail Ahmed

Plastic pollution is widespread affecting marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems globally. Once plastics enter the environment, they continuously break down into increasingly smaller particles called microplastics leading to low degradation, which has become a threat to natural ecosystems and human health.

While none of the 17 SDGs has plastic pollution as a mathen theme, the relationship between the SDGs and the need to curb plastic pollution is clear.

Joining us this week’s episode of #ClimateWednesday, Ismail Ahmed who is a communication advocate for ConnectedAid Kenya shared his view on the theme and how we as Africans can participate in fighting plastic pollution.

He emphasized more awareness of the sustainable development goals as well as economic development. The Kenyan government has banned the use of polythene bags in a bid to curb environmental pollution, he advised that all governments should adopt Recycling, reduce plastic use, promote enviro education and as well Promote awareness of the SDGs.

Contributing to what he said, participants noted that in other to achieve all of these, there have to be policies in place to control this menace.

Written by Peace Nwachukwu




A leading youth voice on Climate Change which seeks to build a climate-smart generation across Africa while identifying key development issues affecting population across Africa especially in Nigeria through creative dialogues and innovations.

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