#ClimateWednesday: Making Sustainable Living the Standard by Damilola Balogun

Climate change is having a negative impact on the entire planet. Since the 19th century’s industrial revolution, global greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) have increased dramatically.

Did you know that everything we do in our everyday lives may be used to practice sustainable living? Almost everything we use has an option that is more environmentally friendly!

According to the World Health Organization, environmental pollution causes 13 million deaths per year and roughly a quarter of all sickness globally — including 33% of diseases in children under the age of five — which may be avoided or averted.

On our weekly climate Twitter space, Damilola Balogun, co-founder of the youth sustainable development network, denounced man’s exploitation of the environment and the inherent risk to overall human wellness and society at large. Adding that, as people, we must be mindful of how we interact with our surroundings in order to make it livable.

“Everyone, including stakeholders, people, and the government, is involved in the notion of sustainability.” To achieve this lifestyle, we must first comprehend our everyday interactions with our environment, become conscious of our part in it, and make responsible garbage disposal a regular habit,” he said.

Written by Peace Nwachukwu, Host ClimeteWednesday



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