#ClimateWednesday: Young People Driving Energy Transition by Oluwadabira Abiola-Awe

Nigeria and other African countries are now confronted with an urgent need to act on cleaner energy, which has the potential to generate $27 trillion in new market possibilities by 2050.

Oluwadabira Abiola-Awe, a Movement Associate with Student Energy, a global, youth-led organisation empowering the next generation of leaders to accelerate just transition into a sustainable and equitable energy future, spoke at our weekly #ClimateWednesday on ‘young people driving energy transition’ and expressed concerns about the government providing youths with the necessary assistance in driving this motion.

“Despite their active participation in their communities and their driving force in accomplishing the 2030 Agenda,” she says, “young people are often disregarded and excluded from energy decision-making processes.”

She asked the government to allocate funds for capacity building and education, as well as to invest in young people by providing them with the necessary resources.

“Funding, technical competence, education, and training are some of the major roadblocks to youth involvement in the energy transition.

Education and training opportunities are critical for the inclusion and transition of young people into the energy business. These possibilities provide young people with the required skills to work in the energy sector. Skills, retraining, early integration, professional development, and training are just a few examples of sustainable energy literacy phases that are necessary to involve young people in energy sector prospects.” She stated her case.

Written by Peace Nwachukwu

Host: #ClimateWednesday



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