#COP26: Compromise, Greenwashing, & Lukewarm Promises. — Olumide Idowu

After two weeks of negotiation, I’m leaving Glasgow, UK today and I will like to register my disappointment at this year #COP26 with these few takeaways.

Olumide Idowu at Conference of Part at Glasgow, United Kingdom

In a summit marked by compromise, greenwashing, and lukewarm promises, the free world revealed just how beholden to #fossilfuel interests it remains, despite the increasingly uncertain future of humanity’s future on Earth.

What do you think?

· Many countries reached a landmark deal on deforestation — This could be the most significant commitment made at #COP26 if taken seriously.

· Some countries and financial institutions are committed to stopping financing overseas fossil fuel projects by 2022. — This is pretty huge. Now, to tackle oil and gas.

· Forty countries agreed to phase out coal by 2030 for bigger economies and 2040 for smaller economies — but we need to get the world’s biggest coal producers to commit to them.

· Many countries commit to moderate methane reduction by 2030 — we’d need to cut methane emissions 45% by 2030 to stay in line with Paris, so this target is a little off.

· Despite some new climate pledges, climate pledges still fall short of meeting Paris benchmarks, and there’s a disparity between pledges and actual policies to reduce emissions — This is probably an understatement, as there’s evidence to suggest that most of the world is underreporting its emissions.

· Tensions between developing and developed nations escalated, and developing nations were left feeling unsatisfied with minimal funding for climate adaptation - — the $100 billion amount is also far below the need. A U.N. report estimates that funding for climate adaptation should be five to 10 times greater than what’s currently being spent.

· Fossil fuel representation was immense — the absurdity of this is self-explanatory. It’s as if wolves were the largest delegation to a conference on the survival of sheep.

· #COP26 was the most exclusive Conference of the Parties to date, which — coupled with widespread corporate greenwashing — called its legitimacy into question. — To make matters worse, COP 26 was sponsored by large corporations that are some of the world’s worst polluters.

Developed countries should stop faking promises and high levels of greenwashing!!! It’s time for #RealClimateDeal!!!

#LetsDoMore #WeDontHaveTime




A leading youth voice on Climate Change which seeks to build a climate-smart generation across Africa while identifying key development issues affecting population across Africa especially in Nigeria through creative dialogues and innovations.

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