COVID-19 Pandemic: A Call For Donation To Support Vulnerable Communities

Today, the world faces a global health pandemic and the World Health Organization advised that we practice social distancing, frequently wash our hands with clean water and most importantly, stay at home to prevent the rapid spread of the virus to control the overwhelming impact it has on every nation’s health care system.

Abimbola Abikoye — Project Lead, ICCDI Africa

This approach suggested will have a major underlining effect on many developing countries especially in Nigeria as regards the continued production of food and the sustenance of food supply chain on particularly in Lagos State announced to observe a total lockdown by the Federal Government.

According to the World Poverty Clock (report of January 2020), over 95 million people live in poverty. Out of these numbers, rural communities make up 63%. Many of these residents are largely unemployed, some shuffle between menial jobs to earn a living, they lack food and lack water for drinking.

With this lockdown, many of these individuals will struggle to feed for themselves and provide for their families. This current situation will increase hunger among people who struggle before now to feed leading to more casualties

We, therefore, seek your support with as low as five hundred naira (500 Naira) to help buy food items, safety kits (hand sanitisers, toiletries, nose masks, and soaps) and some basic essential medications that are required to help keep themselves safe through this period.

You can also donate to PayPal Account:

Bank Account Details:

Account Number: 0122844579

Account Name: International Climate Change Development Initiative

Bank Name: WEMA BANK

For more information please contact Bimbo on 08184332104 or send us an email to or




A leading youth voice on Climate Change which seeks to build a climate-smart generation across Africa while identifying key development issues affecting population across Africa especially in Nigeria through creative dialogues and innovations.

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