Essay Competition On Gas Flaring In Nigeria

Gas flaring has over the years been a significant challenge in Nigeria, especially in the oil and gas producing states. About 800 million standard cubic feet of gas is flared every day from approximately 144 gas flare point across the country.

With Nigeria ranking the 6th largest gas flaring country globally in World Bank’s Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFRP), it has become critical to address the gas flaring dilemma on a national, regional and international platform. ICCDI, in partnership with COSET and FES Nigeria, is calling for entry for the Essay theme. “The Unspoken Dangers of Gas Flaring in Nigeria” which aims at addressing the environmental and health impacts associated with gas flaring and oil spill in the country.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Applicants are to write an essay of a minimum of 750 — maximum of 1000 words on the health and environmental challenges of oil spill and gas flaring in Nigeria and also propose innovative and creative solutions to be directed at stakeholders and policymakers.
  2. Application is open to anyone aged 18–35 years old across the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria
  3. All entry must be submitted before 11:59 (GMT+01) on the 31st of August, 2020
  4. Females are strongly encouraged to apply
  5. Kindly fill the form below and note that only eligible applicants will be considered for the next stage of the competition.

Registration Link:

DISCLAIMER: In line with the data protection protocol, by filling this form, you agree that ICCDI and partners for this competition will have access to this information. The data provided here is strictly confidential and will not be used without your consent.

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