ICCDI Africa Supports Communities To Fight Against COVID-19

Community engagement is very important for us to beat COVID-19 & that is the reason why we are doing this in Somolu LGA & Bariga LCDA targeting markets around the communities. Issue of Face mask 😷, physical distancing & hand washing is very important to beat COVID-19.

Physical distancing is very important in flattern the curve against COVID-19.

‼️avoiding body contact, including shaking hands;
‼️maintaining a distance of at least 2m between yourself & another person;
‼️avoiding large gatherings — for us this means any group of 20 or more.

Our communities should have a sense of ownership in mitigation & how their daily sacrifices help to curb this deadly pandemic. Public health measures are only as effective as the proportion of the population that adheres to them.

Keeping hands🖐 clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid contacting COVID-19 & spreading germs🦠 to others. Many diseases & conditions are spread by not washing hands🤚 with soap 🧼 & clean, running water 💧 Wash 🧽 & dry your hands🤚 carefully.

Teaching people about handwashing helps them & their communities stay healthy. People frequently touch their 👀, 👃, & 👄without even realizing it. 🦠 can get into the body through the 👀, 👃& 👄& make us sick 🤒. COVID-19 is real, stay safe and stay healthy.

‪As part of our community sensitization on COVID-19 to 3 markets in Somolu LGA today, we also visit the DPO of Onipan Police Station to share some of our community work with them & also seek for them to continue enforcing the use of face masks 😷 & social distancing in the market.‬

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