Just Transition: Stakeholders Call for Proper Integration and Policy Implementation

The International Climate Change Development Initiative in conjunction with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung has called on the Nigerian government to integrate just transition into policy and processes in other to support a sustainable economy.

Participants at the Just Transition Workshop in Lagos

These calls were made during a two-day workshop on “Accelerating Nigeria’s Climate and Just Transition: A range of Challenges and Opportunities”, held in Lagos last week.

The workshop which was aimed at creating awareness of just transition and how it cuts across food systems, the energy sector and its impact on gender, youth and social protection also laid down guidelines for maximizing the concept of the Just transition principle in having a healthy economy, clean environment and sustainable co-existence.

Leading the first session of the workshop, Sulaimon Arigbabu, executive secretary at Human and Environment Development Agenda (HEDA resource centre) educated participants on how climate change and just transition can affect our food systems and how food systems are responsible for about one-third of global emissions — almost 60% of which can be attributed to food production.

Stating the need for Just transition in food systems, he added that the aim is to ensure that farmers do not get left behind as the world moves away from carbon-intensive practices.

Agriculture is often identified as one of the sectors most vulnerable to climate change. Droughts, floods, wildfires and heatwaves have all destroyed crops, reduced harvests and impoverished farmers around the world in recent years.

Addressing that just transition can be linked to 14 of the 17 Sustainable development goals, decent economic growth and clean energy, the director at the centre for the 21st century, Gbemisola Akosa Executive who is also a climate activist has advised that in other to properly achieve a just transition economy, the government must first consider the grassroots adding that all sectors need to be accessed in other to identify the entry points for a just transition.

Report Here: https://bit.ly/3u2NswJ

Written by Peace Nwachukwu



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