Preserving the Environment Through Tree 🌱Planting — “Ireti”

Tree planting has become a ubiquitous feature of the environmental zeitgeist in a bid to slow the climate crisis by capturing carbon dioxide and restoring landscapes. Last year our team in partnership with Youth Sustainability Development Conference end the year with a hangout and also planted a tree. Both organizations decided to name the tree “IRETI” meaning “HOPE”

ICCDI Africa & Y.S.D.C end of the year hangout and tree planting

By planting the right tree in the right place for the right purpose, we can help repair ecosystems and halt the advance of climate change. We look forward to 2022 as we make more impact across the globe.

Special thanks to Kids Beach Garden.




A leading youth voice on Climate Change which seeks to build a climate-smart generation across Africa while identifying key development issues affecting population across Africa especially in Nigeria through creative dialogues and innovations.

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ICCDI Africa Seeks to Build a Climate Smart Generation Across Africa. #Environment | #Health | #Education | #SDGs #GlobalGoals #LetsDoMore

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