WEBINAR: COVID-19: A Wake-Up Call For Food Security In Africa

In partnership with the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change, the youth are leading the way to discuss issues that matters to us by looking at our food system across Africa. This webinar is set up to discuss and share the challenges and solutions to our food system across Africa from the youth lens.

While it will take time to fully understand the scope of COVID-19’s impact on food and agriculture, we can look at the current state of food security in Africa and what countries are doing to ensure that the food security of tens of millions of people does not succumb to the worst consequences of the coronavirus.

The impact of the pandemic in Africa comes at a time when the prevalence of hunger has been worsened by conflicts, climate extremes and economic slowdowns, or a combination of these. Ongoing flooding is only exacerbating the situation as is the invasion of locusts in some east African countries. The pandemic is now generally viewed as an existential crisis and, in times of crisis, it is often difficult to separate facts from sensationalism.

Webinar Speakers:

  • Victor Mugo | Your Organization: Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network | Regional Coordinator — East Africa
  • Elizabeth Gulugulu | African Youth Initiative on Climate Change Zimbabwe| Projects Manager
  • Chiamaka Ndukwu | Agro Hive | Founder/CEO
  • John Agboola | Borlaug-Adesina | Fellow
  • Shittu Ismaila | International Climate Change Development Initiative Africa | Agribusiness Specialist
  • Juliet Luwedde | African Youth Initiative on Climate Change Uganda | National Focal Point
  • Yunike Phiri | Zambia Young Emerging Farmers Association | Founder

Topic: COVID-19: A Wake-Up Call for Food Security in Africa

Date: 6th August, 2020

Time: 1pm GMT+1/3pm EAT/2pm CAT

Venue: Zoom

Registration link: https://bit.ly/FoodSecurityCOVID19

For more information, you can contact us through climatewednesday@gmail.com



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