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Mar 31, 2017 · 3 min read

The post that started it all:

Mission Peak, Fremont, CA (Originally posted on Facebook & Instagram)

Yesterday, Trump signed an executive order dismantling Obama’s Clean Air Act. Essentially, the folks in DC had just make it really clear that his administration absolutely doesn’t give a **** about anything environmental-related, nor do they have any respect for the amount of effort that Obama had put forth in the past 8 years to lay out a climate agenda that would’ve put US at the forefront of the climate combat.

It’s not about who’s an environmentalist and who’s not anymore. An “environmentalist” is not a label, a boxed concept, that you can put on someone anymore. It should be a lifestyle (as it is in many other countries like Japan’s, Germany, etc. already) that we need to take on.

We live in the the environment. We can’t avoid the environment. The environment WILL affect you whether or not you give a **** about it or not. If you’re an outdoorsy person, then caring about the environment should be innate for you. To people who have faith, whether if you’re a Christian, Muslim, etc. we’re called to be stewards of God’s creations, to speak up for the voiceless, to ACT on things. Let us not sit idly and just check this executive order off as ANOTHER dumb thing that Trump as done for our own amusement.

Educate yourself, or as one of my good friend Maya Matsuoka has once said, “Decrease your own ignorance”.

This is a project that will go on for 6 weeks (if not more). After some 6 or so hours of thought, I ended up choosing Medium as my publishing platform (instead of bootstrapping an independent website up for myself w/ a custom domain) for several reasons:

  1. Medium is designed for sharing stories.

It’s just so much more easier for people to discover or access your posts through an already existing platform that already has a ton of traffic each day.

2. I resonate with the mission of Medium and I want to emotionally invest in this for 6 weeks to test the “user-experince” for mysef.

As a innately critical person, I know for sure that I’ll start daydreaming about possible Medium re-design ideas as I spend more time on this platform. The number of ideas (or mild complaints, however you want to define that) will increase proportionally with the number of hours I spend using this.

3. No time to build to scratch.

I can learn, like follow thorugh Devtip or Mackenzie Child’s video series, but I won’t have to execute what I’ve learned from beginning to end. I have very limited time (w/ spring quarter classes, 10+ hours of Tech4Good research, Kobe mission team fund-raiser planning, and possibily a 5/hr part-time commitment for SustainUs’s financial work). Therefore, realistically speaking, I don’t have time to go through through the entire process of wire-framing, mocking-up, designing, coding, and deploying just for this side project. I know for a fact that I’d get disheartened halfway and just flake. It’s happened before (actually, that’s what had always happened).

Posts Schedule: Every 3–4 days. Update: I want to do these as soon as possible because there’s always news coming in.

Types of posts:

  1. Raw, personal thoughts
  2. Slightly more composed thoughts
  3. Informational articles w/ research

There will also be some creative mediums (i.e.. art pieces, photography, short vlogs) thrown in here and there so say tuned! Words, however, will be the centerpiece of this project because I want to learn to be more precise with my choice of words. I want to strike a right balance of humor (10%), assertiveness, and formality in these articles.

With that said, I’m so estatic to start on this project. Posts will officially launch on 4/8 (Saturday).


These are dire, pivotal times. We can either choose to ignore reality or stand up and fight it.

Ivy Chen

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These are dire, pivotal times. We can either choose to ignore reality or stand up and fight it.