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Event Update: Querencia, a Women’s Conclave

CLIMB DTU in collaboration with Engifest, the annual cultural fest of the university, organized a women’s conclave — Querencia . The panelists of the event included three inspiring women.

Ms. Anupriya Kapur is a single mother, blogger, runner and a postpartum depression survivor. Ms. Rita Lalit is an author of five books and dreams of a world where politicians work and women are more than equal. Ms. Shreya Jain is a famous stylist and blogger. Her blog ‘styleAwhileofficial’ is one of the most followed and trusted blogs online.

The inspiring panelists answering questions put together by our team
The inspiring panelists answering questions put together by our team

The panelists discussed issues related to women working in various environments and how they can overcome difficult situations to achieve their aspirations. A variety of topics were discussed ranging from equal pay, self defense, gender norms and the need to stand up against any discrimination they face. Discussion on the creation of a safe space for women was one of the primary highlights of the event.

The event was conducted at the OAT and witnessed a jam packed audience. The event was interactive in nature and the audience were given a chance to ask questions. The panelists were impressed by the fact that event was conducted solely by a team of women.

A member of the audience asks questions from the panelists
A member of the audience asks questions from the panelists

Another feather was attached to the legacy of CLIMB DTU by successfully conducting a women’s conclave, an informative session which helped young college girls to be inspired by these path breaking women who carved their place in various fields. By conducting these events, CLIMB DTU wishes to encourage girls to become self sufficient individuals. The personal experiences and the journeys of the successful ladies was a learning curve for all the audience present at the event and the discussion of various issues faced by the women in the society got the audience talking on important issues thereby fulfilling one of the main aims of CLIMB DTU.




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