In search of an extremely-fast blog

This pupper is extremely fast. Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash

I love React. I love Next.js and Gatsby.js. However, I want to push performance to the extreme. I want to see how fast I can make a blog that’s still reasonably easy to use from a developer standpoint. I don’t need React or any other front-end framework for a static blog.

Frameworks make developing easier, but we’re putting more and more stress on users’ devices and networks. If you’re only testing on your developer machine on fast, stable networks, then you’re not testing end-user performance. Also, the cost of JavaScript byte-for-byte is higher than all other assets. The time to parse, compile, and execute is often longer than the total time to load.

Thus, my search begins for an extremely-fast blog. Yes, I know Jekyll exists, but I want to do more, and use a modern build tool for better optimizations. Here are my goals at the moment:

  • Write blog posts in markdown because it’s more fun.
  • Automatically generate the blog post pages.
  • Automatically generate the blog post index page.
  • Use as little runtime JavaScript as possible (preferably none).
  • Make it as fast as possible (e.g., automatically generate responsive images and perhaps webp formats too)

Do you already have a tool that does this well? I’d love to hear about it! Does the idea of a tool like that sound exciting to you? I’ve started a side-project to try building this myself. I’d love your feedback on architecture or even your help contributing if you have time: