Are you for real… in year 2022! How is this even true?

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So, we all know the story of how feminism started ( hopefully) … no, it was not a hatred for men and no it was not a way to make other women better than. SUFFRAGE! Yes, that was the reason…

Unfortunately unlike the explanation above — this suffrage business has not been a “universal adult suffrage” till the 29th century … Imagine not being allowed to vote as a full grown adult because of your gender ? Many might justify the times… (sips tea and continues to type furiously.)

… I mean no, there is no justification if we are to be very honest. What is even stranger; is that women were not allowed to vote till the 20th century in some states… ( gulps tea…) and that some of these states had to be forced to accept women suffraging … (sips tea again.) Yes, thats for real — grown adult males in this State at that time were forced to come to terms with another gender casting a ballot and having the right to an opinion about State affairs!

We will not mention any names, however Appenzell Innerrhoden how are you ? ( spills tea…) Whilst other women in victory were casting votes, imagine your own women sitting in the alps watching their peers: Reference below from the Guardian in 1971 — They looked stellar casting votes for the first time! Dare we say so!

So if you have the privilege to vote today, remember it is your honor and right to do so. Registering to vote and casting a vote is such a powerful representation and symbol of equal voices showing you matter — I hope that you use your rights as many fought blood and sweat for us to be able to do so.

Recently, a shocker is that we are celebrating the countries where women have equal rights to men doubling. Yes, doubled :) This would be all good and right , if the initial number of countries with equal rights was higher. How many , you ask? Ask no more,…

We talk of 6 countriesnow 12 with equal rights for both men and women. (hopefully also across all gender spectrums… continues to pause and sip tea again)

Now, Qatar well done to the world cup — however that 29.4 does look dodgy. Also why are Germany and UK sitting neat and tight at 97.5? If you are wondering — have a look at this report on germany — turns out Germany is one step away if it focused on equal maternity/paternity leave benefit optimizations.

These scores are done from a legal perspective … which holds a lot of weight as the constitution which binds many countries IS the law. So, if legally women and men are not equal in the eyes of the law. — isn´t that problematic?

What are your thoughts on this ? More to come in this series of gender equity, equal rights…

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Feel free to share your thoughts on this hot topic of gender equality/equity. Which one would you choose equality or equity ? Happy to hear from you.



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