What I wish I’d known before the pandemic

The famous saying “hindsight is 20/20” is great because it’s applicable to all sorts of situations, but one of those situations that it applies to the most is the pandemic and it applies to myself personally if I were to think about how I approached this pandemic.

When word broke out about the coronavirus, similarly to many others, I didn’t take it seriously at all since at first there was only word about it from China. Most people just joked about it not caring much and thinking that it wouldn’t apply to them. I kept doing what I was doing, just kept my daily life still going. A couple of weeks passed and that’s when hindsight starts to seem really nice. My home country of Italy started exponentially gaining cases but I still refused to change anything about my daily life, even though my family asked me often to go back to Italy.

Eventually countries started going into lockdown, but it still took me too long to make the decision of traveling back home. By the time I had finally decided to go back to Italy there were many flight restrictions. I wasn’t able to get a direct flight, and instead had to do a connecting flight that rerouted to France, and from France I had to take a train to the border and finally my mum picked me up and we had a 4 hour car journey back home. To me this is the biggest case of what I wish I’d known before because had I known that the pandemic would get as bad as it did I wouldn’t have hesitated to fly home. The turning point for me was realising that if I had been infected then I wouldn’t have had anyone helping me and taking care of me and if i were home then my family could provide me with really good healthcare/

When I finally got home I self quarantined because I was required to but I also wanted to since I was really vigilant about not wanting to be infected, even to the point where other people called me silly and thought I was being stupid for being that worried about the virus especially since it was going away soon. That was 6 months ago. I didn’t want to believe them but when my mum treated me to a vacation for my birthday I didn’t know how to refuse so I let her take me on a vacation and that was around the time when the second wave started hitting and I was stupidly on a vacation. Although neither me nor any of my family was infected I am still disappointed in myself, and I wished I’d never gone on that vacation.

Now I’m back in England and the coronavirus is no more gone than it was half a year ago. I wish I’d known what would happen with this pandemic and how it would evolve but more than that, I wish the whole world knew about it so this could all have been prevented from the start by placing down proper restrictions, and even though that hasn’t happened I really hope that soon we can finally end it and start living like we did before


Writing from Creative and Professional Writing students, Autumn 2020

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