Social Media is for Idiots


I’m not a troll.

‘We’re going to cut you,’ it says. Now I’m in the middle of a reconstruction from a scene reminiscent of Reservoir Dogs. I should be scared. To be honest I can’t feel a thing. It’s probably my adrenaline. ‘Do you think social media is for idiots now?’ I’m surprised he can spell with a username like Troll Wasters. A Guy Fawkes mask completes this idiot’s ensemble. I must be honest even my current predicament hasn’t changed my mind. If anything this amplifies my supposition. Obviously someone who spends far too long on the internet watching ‘Best violent movie scenes’ or ‘Man gives his cat 11,453 stern looks’ has far too much time on their hands. He probably thinks Elvis is alive and kicking, selling ice cream from a van in Clacton on sea.

Social media creates a forum for the darker side of people. I thought Twitter was a sophisticated online forum for serious considered and reasoned human thought and opinion. I was wrong. When you pay a visit to cyberspace if you disagree with the masses you really are alone. And don’t forget ‘in space no one can hear you scream.’

Personally I think social media is now a perpetual disenchanted forest of trolls. I mean Technopedia describe a troll as a ‘member of an internet community who posts offensive, divisive and controversial comments.’ Take Brexit for example. I found a lot of the comments ‘offensive, divisive and controversial’ from both sides.

I suppose social media is no different from any large gathering of people.
A gang mentality develops. One is expected to follow the crowd. I see it as my civic duty to oppose the norm. Distil a bit of real life, a reality check, to these sad pathetic people. My advice to this guy is get off social media and get a life. But you know what they say — you can take the guy out of the social media, but you can’t take the social media out of the guy.

He’s proved my point about Reservoir Dogs. He’s playing Stuck in the Middle with You by the Stealers Wheels. It’s as if his entire life is guided by what he’s either watched or read on social media. Does anyone have one genuine, matured, nurtured, authentic and unadulterated opinion? I asked him if this is a power trip, an ego issue, or is he just a sad, pathetic sociopath? No reply. I think he’s copying the Michael Jackson Thriller dance sequence. What makes me laugh is he thinks there’s no consequences to his actions. Does he seriously think he can act out this perverse, sickening fantasy with no repercussions?

It’s amazing how everyone is suddenly such an expert on, well, everything. I can read someone’s post and then publicise it, quoting it as my own opinion. I used to think expertise was based on experience; but I was wrong. I maintained my right to have an opinion and express my free will. I was poked, poked and poked again. And then the threats; the final one saying ‘You’re dead Troll.’ It was the Twitter inquisition. Anyway, it’s proved my point. Social media is about giving your opinion. It isn’t an invitation for dialogue or discussion. It’s my way or the highway.

Facebook has convinced me we’re all just hacked off … maybe we are trying to convince others we’re not hacked off. Enjoy the moment a feeling is fleeting. If you spend too much time trying to capture it, you’ll lose the feeling the moment provoked. You cannot capture the essence of a feeling in a photograph. And a picture of your egg and chips isn’t really thought provoking. Well not in a good way. Spend more time feeling.

Ironically, I’m about to feel like a movie star. I can see the crew have arrived. If I’m not mistaken that’s a Panasonic GH4. Best 4K Camera for the money according to Tech Highway. And she has a knife. I say she because she’s removed her mask. “You’re about to feel our pain,” she says. This isn’t the kind of feeling I meant. I ask why they wear masks. She says anonymity ensures their right to privacy. They want to remain anonymous. I said face to face contact is better than Facebook to Facebook contact because it prevents misunderstandings.

She doesn’t want me to misunderstand the situation. They’ve made films before. One was entitled The power of women through the power of the internet. But this one is for the dark web. I guess it will be entitled The Troll Wasters guide on murdering someone in cold blood who disagrees with your opinion.

Anonymity? Doesn’t it contradict the idea of social media ? They probably don’t even know that everyone leaves a digital trail.

Social media is for idiots.