This Is Me.

Photo Credit: Ross McGilvray. Tower Bridge 2016

I’m a 20-year-old university student who has been set the task of writing an article about herself, with no inspiration of what to write. As I stare at my laptop screen, at 12:18 on a Saturday afternoon, I try to think of interesting things that have happened to me in my 20 years of mundane existence.

I was born in Southend Hospital sometime in early Spring 1996, weighing 6lbs 2oz. I was the 6th and final member of my family, one sister, two parents, Scooby the cat and our dog Freddie. My parents separated by the time I was 6 and my sister and I were happy about having 2 lots of Christmas presents and 2 lots of birthday presents every year. I attended regular schools where I managed to get SATS, GCSE’s, and A-Levels which all pushed me towards doing my English Literature and Creative and Professional Writing degree at CCCU. As a child I was lucky enough to go on 2 holidays a year, we would have a summer holiday abroad with my dad and a whole family trip, including all my cousins, to Butlins later in the year. Throughout my childhood I was encouraged to try as many different hobbies as possible, I played the recorder, flute, violin, saxophone and piano (some lasting longer than others), I had ballet lessons, tap lessons, modern and street dancing lessons, singing lessons, sign language lessons; but the only thing I really took interest in was gymnastics. My grandad would encourage me to spend time being creative with pencils and paint, and we would sit and draw for hours and hours, this led to me choosing GCSE Art and Design, which I got an overall grade of a B. After I finished my GCSE’s I stopped being artistic all together, I could no longer find time to sit and be patient with drawings. When I was younger I was also a lot sportier, I participated in my secondary school’s netball, basketball and trampolining team; although, as soon as I went to sixth form I got more interested in boys and alcohol than exercise and sport.

Whilst I was at sixth form I left my first job working as a Saturday girl in a local hairdresser, and started working at McDonald’s. With this new wage and better hours, I managed to pass my driving test and go away on my first adult holiday to Mallorca with my boyfriend of the time. Since then I have gone on 3 more adult holidays, my sister and I went on a party holiday to Crete, and last year I went to Paris and Tenerife with my ex-boyfriend; as well as having many weekends away and days out to London and other various places. Now, a second year university student, I am still working at the original McDonald’s when I go back home for the holidays and living the luxurious life of the unemployed during term time. I am in my second year of living away from home and I thoroughly enjoy it. I would honestly recommend giving up cooked dinners and the occasional piece of washing being done for you, in order to have the ability to live as an independent adult (I think I cheated because I was already extremely independent before I moved away). I currently live in a 5-bedroom house with 4 of my friends, I especially get on well with Alex and Alec. The three of us spend most of our free time sitting and eating together and by doing this we have created a nice little bond between us all.

During the last year I have continued my love for reading and tea drinking, as well as adopting an interest in making YouTube videos, where I talk about my life to a camera and hope people of the internet enjoy the content. I love to waste my time stressing over an Instagram feed and running a pointless Twitter page where I rant about life. I am addicted to buying high end makeup products that all look the same (but they really don’t), and rearranging my room so everything fits and looks aesthetically pleasing. I love listening to all kinds of music, from charts to country, to rock to classical. I am very interested in watching and learning about murder documentaries, it fascinates me trying to understand how different people’s brains work. Although, I am also guilty of watching ‘American Trash’ as my dad would call it, my favourite T.V show to watch is The Vampire Diaries, closely followed by Gossip Girl. I have been collecting Vogue magazine for 2 years now, I am a big fan on the simplistic and minimalistic articles and I really enjoy reading about the clothes and fashion, as well as focusing on the photography throughout.

With thanks to Heidi Conroy

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