5 Incredible Ways to Build Social Proof for your Business

“Oh Well, my friends have liked this product, it must be great”

Don’t we hear that most of the times? In simple terms, we are relying on social proof from people who have been there before us.

So What is Social Proof?

It’s a tendency to imitate behaviour of people around us or people who have influence over us. It can turn out to be a powerful influence, more so if it comes from people who we know.

Social Proof to Accelerate Social Marketing

Social media has resulted in evolution of social proof as a greater force for buying decisions. Marketers are making social space more transparent by sharing reviews, comments, likes, tweets and pins of their happy customers to generate brand trust and drive huge sales.

How to Apply Social Proof to Your Business

Step 1: Great social proof starts with great product!

Why? Because a product that delights a customer is the first step in building social proof organically. Happy customers tend to go about praising it with likes, shares, reviews and comments on social media.

There you go! You have already built influence on potential customers.

Step 2: Share Testimonials

Once you have likes and comments, social marketers should grab the opportunity by sharing testimonials of happy customers. It would work wonderful on your landing, page, consulting page and signup page as well.

Add real pictures, videos, and facts from happy customers to build trust around your products or services.

Share 3: Case Studies

While testimonials are short and informal way of building social proof, case studies will add value as a formal and deep proof with high authority. It will be a brilliant idea to introduce case studies into the buying cycle by showcasing the proof of successful results.

Step 4: Influencer Marketing

After comments and testimonials from happy customers, it would be icing on the cake to collaborate an influential person’s positive experience of the product. A comment from a celebrity on social media would help to build a vote of confidence since buyers trust the product must be good when endorsed by a famous personality.

Step 5: Introduce Stars

How many times have we filtered an online search based on ‘stars’ while looking for a restaurant? Users place trust on other’s experience for decision making. Social marketers should build product rating on product pages to attract feedback.


The power of social proof cannot be undermined when social media has become integral part of buyers and sellers. Social marketers looking to sell their products should have a solid social proof in form of case studies, images, video, pod cast interviews and influencers as part of their selling strategy.

Which other forms of social proof do you use?