Big data & emotional intelligence for target marketing, a very simple use case

Sajjad Hussain
Mar 7 · 3 min read
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In the era of the Internet economy, big data is an important tool. Today, big data has profoundly changed the face of global society and economy

Why Big data is important

Business analysts need to discover new profit opportunities that affect marketing and sales to reduce the cost of procurement, production, inventory, supply chain, distribution, marketing, sales, service, and support functions to reduce the operation and Financial risks. Collect new insights about customers and product operations that can be used to gain a competitive advantage over competitors and earn more profits from the industry.

What big data really need to do is to analyze the psychological needs behind the data through consumer behavior. Ordinary observation can only discover the appearance of living objects, only true insight can discover the laws of things and the movement of objects. Data insight is a deep understanding of consumer behavior, if you have a large amount of user data, that is useful for user observation and a record of numerous consumer behavior. In the era of big data, we have more convenient ways to obtain data. Big data helps companies make better decisions, and it also tests marketing planners’ data-based insight capabilities.

Use Case

The “Your-Pampers” brand of a company is the world’s no-1 baby diaper brand sold in more than 100 countries around the world. Its target customers are the mothers, and the mothers of 0 to 2 years old infants, mainly focusing on the 20 ~34 years old age group.

Women in this age group have an absolutely dominant position in infant products. Then the brand positioning of “Your-Pampers” should focus on the target group and carry out the differentiated design in combination with product characteristics.

The product features of “Your-Pampers” are good water absorption and comfortable to wear. Disposable diapers solve the problem of child care and are very convenient. Based on the observation of reality, “Your-Pampers” emphasized the convenience and efficiency of using diapers, and directly targeted the “mother”. As a result, the market response was unsatisfactory.

“Your-Pampers” diapers are of better quality, but their market share is less than 0.5%. According to market research, many mothers feel guilty about using diapers. They think that choosing “Your-Pampers” means that they only care about their own convenience. It is equivalent to being a lazy and incompetent mother who neglects their children, which leads them to treat “Pampers”.

After realizing this, “Your-Pamper” repositioned its product interests on the baby’s benefit, emphasizing the advantages of stronger water absorption, more hygienic, soft, and comfortable diapers.

Your-Pampers’ products have not changed from the initial unsalable products to the later best-selling products. Now it is used to be a product to save mothers’ troubles, but now it is to make babies more comfortable.

This is an example of thinking from the perspective of big data for targeting the exact customer group, integrating product features, and forming an excellent positioning. Big data is like giving magic to life, making the originally complicated things easy and making life more three-dimensional and vivid.

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