10 directions you must know about Java development

Sajjad Hussain
Nov 4 · 4 min read
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Java is an object-oriented programming language, which not only absorbs the various advantages of C++ language, but also abandons concepts such as multiple inheritance and pointers that are difficult to understand in C++. Therefore, Java language has two characteristics: powerful and easy to use. As a representative of static object-oriented programming language, Java language implements object-oriented theory very well, allowing programmers to perform complex programming with elegant thinking.

In fact, Java has penetrated into all walks of life, and there are many jobs that can be done in learning Java, such as:

1. Java can develop software

Due to the high security of Java, companies in many industries choose Java as their development language for application development. At present, there are many applications of Java in enterprises and information applications in many industries, such as OA, mailbox, voting, finance, examination, logistics, medical, mining and other information systems. Especially large enterprises, attach great importance to Java developers, not only in large demand, but also in good treatment.

2. Java can develop games

Nowadays, more and more companies are involved in the game development industry, but what you may not know is that many familiar games are written in the Java language, and Java is not only widely used in mobile games, but also on computers. It also reflects the powerful functions of the Java language, so if you want to work in the game development industry, you can choose to learn Java as an entry point.

3. Android application

If you are still looking for where to use Java, you don’t have to search for it, you are right by your side.

On Android phones, just open an App application. They use the Java language. Search for the Android API documentation on Google, and you will find that it is surprisingly similar to the Java JDK documentation.

From the beginning of Android two years ago, many Android applications today are developed by Java programmers. Although Android uses different JVMs and different packaging methods, the code is still written in Java language.

3. Server program

Java is widely used in the financial services industry. Many multinational investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Barclays and other banks all use Java to write electronic transactions at the front and back ends. System, settlement and confirmation system, data processing project and other projects.

In most cases, Java is used for server-side development, but most do not have any front-end. They usually receive data from a server (upper level) and send it to another processing system (next level processing) after processing.

4. Website domain

Similarly, Java occupies most of these seats in the field of e-commerce and website development. You can use many different frameworks to create web projects, SpringMVC, Struts2.0 and frameworks.

Even simple servlets, jsp and struts-based websites are very popular in government projects. For example, medical care, insurance, education, national defense and other different department websites are all developed on the basis of Java.

5. Trading system

Third-party transaction systems are now a large part of the financial services industry, and they are also written in Java.

For example, the popular trading platform Murex, which is also written in Java and connected to many bank front desks to provide services.

6. J2ME system

With the emergence of IOS and Android in recent years, they have almost occupied the J2ME market, but there are still low-end Nokia and Samsung mobile phones using J2ME.

Most mobile games and mobile applications in this era are written using part of J2ME MIDP and CLDC to adapt to the Android system.

But J2ME is still popular in Blu-ray, magnetic cards, and set-top boxes.

The reason why communication applications are so popular is that Nokia’s mobile phones still support J2ME.

7. Embedded field

Java has a lot of room for development in the embedded field. On this platform, you can use Java technology (on smart cards or sensors) with just 130KB.

Initially, Java was designed to work on embedded book devices.

In fact, this is only one of the areas. This is just the original “write once, free to swim” project, which now looks like this.

8. Big data technology

Hadoop and other big data processing technologies use Java or others, such as Apache’s Java-based HBase and Accumulo, and ElasticSearchas.

However, Java does not occupy much space in this field, but as long as Hadoop and ElasticSearchas can grow, Java still has the potential to occupy a part of this market.

9. High frequency trading

The Java platform has greatly improved the features and instant compilation of this platform, and it can also transfer data like C++.

It is for this reason that Java has become a language for programmers to write trading platforms, because although the performance is not as good as that of the native language, you can avoid its security, portability and maintainability and run at a faster speed.

10. Scientific applications

Today, Java is still the best choice for scientific applications, including natural language processing. The main reason is that Java is better than C++ or other languages ​​in terms of security, portability, maintainability and concurrency of other high-level languages.

Java is the default application development language for the software industry. With extensive use in the financial services industry, investment banking and e-commerce applications, any outstanding programmer who learns Java has a bright future.

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