4 convenient uses of Visual Studio Code besides programming

Sajjad Hussain
Nov 16 · 3 min read
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Most people think that Visual Studio Code is a code editor and IDE, an environment for developing projects or processing text files, this idea is not unreasonable. But the inherent flexibility of VS Code makes the editor’s additional components not only add support for programming languages ​​or file formats. In addition to programming, VS Code can also support a variety of practical tasks.

In addition to acting as an editor for writing code, Visual Studio Code can also simplify your development work through these four ways.

Browse the database

Many application development projects are inseparable from some kind of database. People usually use desktop applications or portals to manage this kind of database, but a large number of additional components for Visual Studio Code allow you to query the database directly within the application. For example, vscode-database provides fast connection and query for MySQL and PostgreSQL, and vscode-sqlite allows you to use SQLite with increasingly extensive functions. MongoDB users also have extensions to call their own tools (https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=hansvn.instant-mongo). Please note that these extensions are most suitable for browsing and executing queries, not for managing database details, such as manipulating table structures, unless you feel that it is no problem to complete these operations through queries.

Development and testing API

APIs allow software components to work together, no matter where they reside or what they are built with. Many add-ons for Visual Studio Code allow you to test the API directly in the editor or process the API definition format. tropicRPC allows you to automatically test the gRPC API, and the test configuration is saved in the VS Code project. openapi-lint provides validation and code checking for OpenAPI files. OpenAPI is the most commonly used format for writing API definitions; openapi-lint also provides the function of exporting to other formats, including YAML and JSON. In addition to code inspection and IntelliSense for OpenAPI files, Swagger Viewer also provides a preview.

Message to colleagues

Long before the emergence of the new crown epidemic and completely changed the way we work, team collaboration tools have made it a lot easier to handle things in real time from a distance. Slack and Discord users can use Visual Studio Code to interact with those services, and Arjun Attam’s Chat add-on is compatible with both services and even allows them to be integrated directly into the VS Code window.

Track work efficiency

Time management is more important than ever, because now we rely on ourselves to work more than in the past. If you use Wakatime to develop a metric tracking system, there is a VS Code add-on to manage Wakatime statistics directly from the editor. The Code Time add-on allows you to track and manage your work efficiency through an open source project. For those who just want a simple Pomodoro timer, it also has corresponding add-ons.

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