Celebrating its 25th anniversary ​​OpenBSD releases version 6.8 supporting POWER 64-Bit

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 19 · 2 min read
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As a branch of BetBSD, Theo de Raadt started the creation of OpenBSD in October 1995. In a blink of an eye, 25 years later, OpenBSD has ushered in the latest version 6.8. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of OpenBSD, the popular BSD distribution project, we also have some interesting news, because OpenBSD 6.8 has added support for the POEWR 64-Bit platform (including POWER8 and POWER9 processors).

In addition, Raptor Computing Systems’ Talos II and Blackbird free hardware can now also be used with OpenBSD 6.8.

Interested friends can move to the OpenBSD.org official website for more details. The following are other contents of this update:

● Support Userland timer in user space, without context switching at the current time, which helps to improve the speed and responsiveness of many software packages (applicable to x86_64, ARM64, POWERPC, OCTEON and SPARC64 platforms).

● Regardless of offline processors, the CPU frequency scaling in automatic performance mode is improved.

● Support the rollback in SimpleFB frame buffer code.

● Add NVMe driver for i386 platform.

● Introduce a new version of Intel driver to support backlight brightness control on the system.

● Update the DRM graphics driver for Linux 5.7.19.

● Improve the support for ARM Rockchip hardware.

● Support Intel Wi-Fi AX201 wireless network adapter.

● Improve the FFS2 file system support, improve reliability and check speed

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