How to maintain your novel APP?

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 11 · 2 min read
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The operation and maintenance of a novel app is to maintain existing users, which is a very challenging thing for app operators.

Generally speaking, in the later operation, it is generally considered by developers to be the most difficult part. Therefore, a large number of developers only pay attention to the number of downloads and activations, and regard these indicators as signs of the success of the application, while ignoring the application. In the later stage of operation, even many products appeared to “emphasize promotion but neglect operation”.

When a user downloads and installs a software, if they feel that one aspect is not up to their expectations, they will weigh the value that the software brings to them in their hearts. Uninstalling the software and continuing to use both account for one-half of the possibility.

As a novel app operator, we must consider which aspects we can start with that will make users interested in experiencing it again and becoming real users.

1. Application bearing capacity

The carrying capacity of the server is very important. With the increase of new users, the access pressure will increase. As we all know, there are always some peak visits during the day. If the carrying capacity is not enough, the system may crash. For example, the “quilt reading and novel system” has a reasonable server architecture that can easily cope with hundreds of millions of access pressures.

2. User interaction

1. Welfare tasks: There are sign-in, novice tasks, and daily tasks in the software task center. There is a certain amount of interaction with users, which will improve user retention.

2. Sharing and inviting friends to help users obtain books, improve the user growth system, and improve user retention and activity.

3. Reward system such as gold coins for reading.

3. User experience

A good user experience can increase user stickiness.

1. Exquisite UI design

The user’s eyes are always in a working state, always receiving information from the outside world, which is a state of active acquisition. As long as the user feels comfortable, it will naturally attract customers.

2. Label

When the user browses to the content he is interested in, there is a tag function, which can facilitate the user to watch it later.

3. Recommended content

When the user is searching for related types of books, the background will automatically record it, and the next time the user logs in, the related books will be automatically recommended.

Starting from the three aspects of application carrying capacity, user interaction and user experience, existing users can be maintained.

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