In depth analysis of the mobile phone system, the update stopped in just two years, the reason you may not think

Sajjad Hussain
Sep 30 · 3 min read
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For Android 11, everyone has heard of it, and many people have mentioned such a problem. In fact,the brands of flagship models also have the problem For the system update for up to two years, there will be no news after that, and at this time the lifespan of a mobile phone has almost come to an end, then there is a question, why does the mobile phone manufacturer make the mobile phone like this? What does it look like? Wouldn’t it be complained by many people?

1. The reason why Android updates are not as good as iOS

For now, the Android flagship is not at a disadvantage compared to iOS, especially in the early use, it feels better than iOS, and the biggest flaw of Apple mobile phones is fast charging and battery life, so most of The Android flagship machine is still very good, even far beyond the iPhone. But Android also has a fatal flaw, that is, the system update can’t be compared with iOS. This is a fact. Since the day Android was born, its update cycle has been a joke compared to the Apple system.

2. What is the Android update speed and cycle?

Let’s take a look at Google’s Pixel series first. This is my own product, but the Android version update does not see any advantages. It is only limited to a three-year period, so there is no need to say more about other Android series phones. However, the update speed does not have an accurate time at all. To give a simple example, Samsung mobile phones launched Samsung S8 in 2017, and Android 10 testing was only available in 2019, so don’t consider those low-end and mid-end models, even flagship models have not updated the Android system.

3. What is the reason for the slower Android update?

For this question, many manufacturers give different answers, but in most cases, there are too many Android series phones. Only the more popular flagship models will consider system updates. It can be seen that this is the case. There is nothing wrong with the decision, so those lower-end models do not have such treatment, and many Android phones are sold offline, and there is no need to pay attention to the version. And the cost of Android phones is huge, such as UI design, model adaptation, bug detection and so on.

4. Android updates will get stuck

I believe many people are familiar with the issue of the Android update card. In fact, this is what everyone often refers to as fragmentation, but the fact is that the upgrade of the Android version does not have a large fragmentation problem. After all, Android also has Compatibility is good, and the serious phenomenon of fragmentation that everyone said is that many mobile phone manufacturers have customized the Android system. For such modifications, the mobile phone cannot really operate according to the predetermined program, so this produces a relatively large Contradiction, so developers must consider all aspects of compatibility.

In fact, most people still understand the shortcomings of Android system update, but this is the shortcoming, it should be said, if possible, through a relatively long time to update the system, then some shortcomings with Android phones It will disappear little by little. For example, Xiaomi mobile phones and Huawei mobile phones have realized this deeply. After all, smart phones have become mature today, and the support of new systems is necessary.

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