Let explore the usage of EXCEL as the big data tool

Sajjad Hussain
Nov 6 · 4 min read
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Big data is the most popular word in recent years. Many companies have used mature big data technology to do business management. Big data analysts are even more popular in the recruitment market. However, big data-related jobs have relatively high requirements for mathematics and programming skills. It is difficult for ordinary people to get started in a short time. Most people only use some basic office software to process data, such as EXCEL. However, you must not underestimate EXCEL. Although EXCEL has certain functional defects, the sparrow is small and well-equipped with a wide range of applications. It is an indispensable office software. So can EXCEL handle big data? Let’s find out through the four “most”.

The first “most” the strongest performance

If EXCEL is not connected to the database, the performance can be said to be weak. It will be crushed and rubbed on the ground by other big data tools in minutes, but Microsoft is not to be outdone. It allows EXCEL to connect to the database. As long as it is connected to the database, the performance Suddenly improved a hundred times. EXCEL supports connections to common databases such as mysql, sql servers, and access. Once connected, you can directly analyze database data in EXCEL by dragging and dropping, which is very powerful.

Another method is to connect to the database through a plug-in. This method is relatively simple and does not require complicated operations. As long as the connection is established on the web side, you can drag the data in the data set panel in EXCEL , You can also import very large EXCEL or CSV files directly into the cloud, and then return to EXCEL for data pulling operations.

The second “most” the most efficient

The most efficient function of EXCEL to process data is the pivot table. The pivot table can quickly analyze the data and get the analysis result in a very short time. The operation method of the pivot table is also very simple. As long as the pivot table is inserted into the data source in EXCEL, the data can be displayed in different dimensions by dragging, which is very practical.

However, the pivot table is still subject to performance limitations. If the data source is too large, the data cannot be refreshed. If you want to solve this problem, it will be better to use cloud perspective analysis. The operation method is the same as EXCEL, and the most important thing is that it is not limited by the amount of data. For example, in the picture below, I can view the data source on the web page on the smart analysis. The data volume of tens of millions of rows can be displayed in a few seconds, which is very powerful.

The third “most” the highest

I believe that no one will doubt the ability of EXCEL to visualize data. It can not only make static charts, but also dynamic charts. The charts made by some masters are even comparable to some BI software. It can be said that EXCEL’s ability to display charts is not at all difference. Below I use EXCEL and other BI charts to compare, in addition to the beauty of the graphics made by BI, but in terms of the flexibility and creativity of the graphics, EXCEL performance is very amazing. Of course, it would be better if you know how to use BI, which can complement EXCEL.

The fourth “most” the highest security

In this information age with advanced networks, do you worry that your data will leak out? Don’t worry, EXCEL provides the function of encryption protection. As long as the workbook is encrypted and protected, others will not be able to open your files for inspection. This is a very practical function. I usually encrypt important files, such as some internal company data. This method can reduce the risk of data leakage to a certain extent.

However, this method is not a panacea. If you encounter some EXCEL masters, this method can be easily broken. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this method to encrypt very confidential data. The best way is to use the cloud to encrypt data. The cloud server has a strict prevention mechanism, which can not be easily hacked by ordinary people, and can also set the reading permission. For example, on the cloud of Smart Analysis, you can set different settings for each user. With the same reading permission, the user can view the data in all regions, but users in the North China region can only view the data in this region, but cannot view the data in other regions.

I have to say that at present, EXCEL is still a very practical data analysis tool, but its performance is limited. There are some feelings of being stretched when processing big data, but as long as the correct method is used to improve the processing ability of EXCEL, EXCEL can be reborn and rejuvenated, so that big data is no longer the patent of technical personnel. Ordinary people can also “break the wrist” with big data through EXCEL.

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