Microsoft Research launched SurfaceFleet, a computing concept that is not limited by time and space

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 18 · 2 min read
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Today, Microsoft Research announced a new computing concept they have been studying, called SurfaceFleet. Microsoft pointed out that the current content and tools, behaviors and workflows are largely tied to the current device, running the current application for the current user, and at the current moment.

SurfaceFleet is a system and toolkit that uses flexible distributed programming technology to explore cross-device interaction, so that there are no constraints on the four dimensions of device, application, user, and time.

SurfaceFleet uses lightweight, translucent UI elements, called Applets, which always appear on top of the operating system, application windows, and (conceptually) the device itself. At the same time, all connections and synchronized data are virtualized and passed The cloud is flexible.

These small programs allow users to share resources between the device and the user. For example, you can share your laptop keyboard with your Surface Hub to make typing more convenient. Or colleagues can share their smartphone cameras with multiple users and let them check the visits of this website.

In the future, this form of work can also achieve sharing features. For example, users can share the intention of providing pictures, and this interactive promise can be embedded in other people’s documents, and then becomes part of the document. Similarly, such a collection of interactive commitments can be arranged into a collaborative document, allowing each party to edit their own positions independently, and ultimately the owner chooses which ones to keep.

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