PUBG’s latest update announcement, update for the first round of Season 8

Sajjad Hussain
Jul 15 · 17 min read

The focus of the first round of this 8th season update is Sano! In order to show you a more handsome, stable and fair gameplay, we completely remade Sano. Including improving the balance issue that has been criticized, we also want to make Sano a jungle paradise that is gradually forgotten by the world. Now it’s finally time to show everyone the new Sano! I hope everyone is satisfied with the new Sano, so let’s take a look at what has changed in Sano!

Major changes to Sano in Season 8


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Bootcamp has been completely transformed! As the most popular jumping point in Sano, we hope that while retaining the characteristics of Bootcamp, it can also make it a place where you can continue fierce battles once you land. Although to some extent, the structure of Bootcamp is more suitable for mid-range combat, but in order to allow players to approach the enemy for melee, we have set up enough bunkers. Even at the risk of returning to the game lobby just after landing… No, we have prepared the best combat positions for popular players at popular landing points.


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Although Quarry’s terrain has been favored by many people before, its terrain is indeed very unbalanced. With this update, we try to transform it into a place where we can enjoy and use more combat strategies. We have expanded the stone area in central Quarry, and you will not be completely unprotected from attacks from high ground. In addition, we also set up a small bridge that can be directly crossed through Quarry although it seems dangerous. In order to satisfy players who are eager to experience special combat, we have worked hard.

Airfield (formerly Mongnai)

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The coconut grove northeast of Sano has been moved to a new place! what? Where do you say the coconut grove is? In this way, the northeast of Sano has always been an area that many players have not paid attention to, so we hope to provide more sweetness to players who land here. One of the main sweet spots is the newly added Airfield area. As you can see from the name, you can brush the power glider here! Since this is the only place in Sano where you can brush a power glider, you must arrive and start it faster than others!

Getaway (formerly Docks)

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Docks used to be an interesting place to be used in team elimination competitions. However, the materials here are relatively refreshed and are often too far from the route. In this update, we have changed Docks to Getaway, a resort area with more supplies than before. Originally Getaway would only make visitors’ wallets empty, but now everyone’s backpacks are full. In the place where neon lights flash, you can see the swimming pool, restaurants and the famous dance club in Sano along the boardwalk. Indulge in the atmosphere of a tourist resort, be vigilant of the arrival of other visitors when dancing a victory dance, so it is not appropriate to stay here for a long time!


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Ruins have always been loved by many players as a place where they can experience fierce fighting. But the biggest disadvantage of the terrain here is that it is easy to get in and out, and it is easy to be surrounded by enemies. With this update, Ruins has been transformed into a huge maze. But don’t worry, if you survive the fierce battle in the maze, Ruins will not be as difficult to escape as before.


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Mountain, located in the northwest of Sano, is unique because of its terrain to provide players with a unique experience. However, some problems occur when actually playing the game. I believe that everyone has had the experience of jumping off a cliff or being oppressed by an enemy who has occupied the top of the mountain to avoid fighting back in order to avoid the gradually hit blue circle. In order to solve the above problems, compared to before, we added a route that can go up and down the mountain relatively safely, and the strategies that players can choose have become more diverse.


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The Cave area has been redesigned to better match what our designers imagined. Players can continue to enjoy the most exciting vertical channels in the Jedi survival for diving, and if they survive successfully, they can explore the extraordinary cave temple.


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One of the main goals of this reset is to provide players with more options to cross the river. In the previous Sano, players had to jump off the cliff and swim for a long time before crossing the river. In order to improve this problem, we placed more sand on the river embankment to get on the shore, and at the same time added a bridge that can cross the river and added a bunker on it.

Pai Nan / Khao / Sahmee / Kampong

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We reconstructed 4 landmark areas at the same time. In order to allow more fighting in these places, we added many vertical objects and some interesting content worth exploring. The changes in some villages may be very small, but in order to allow the newly added material transport vehicles to pass, we have expanded and added some roads.


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Although Bahn is a very attractive location, many players are reluctant to set foot due to the complexity of picking up materials. Therefore, we transformed the location of Bahn into a general residential area, so that players can visit at will.

New system: material transport vehicle

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The material transport vehicles that appear in this update provide players with opportunities to pick up materials in addition to the usual methods. Of course, we must face the corresponding risks. The material transport vehicle will be refreshed in several special garages along the road of Sano and follow the route. When the material transportation vehicle is damaged but not damaged, the material will fall and will continue to move forward. When a strong collective shooting of the material transport vehicle causes it to be completely destroyed, it will be able to obtain sufficient equipment for the armed use of the entire team. Please be alert to your surroundings when attacking this armored vehicle. When you concentrate on destroying the solid material transport vehicle, there may be enemies around you!

●At the same time as the game starts, refresh up to 4 material transport vehicles;

●Each material transportation vehicle will be refreshed in the garage location on the map;

●When a material transportation vehicle is destroyed, a new material transportation vehicle will be refreshed in a garage on the map;

●A total of 8 material transport vehicles will be refreshed in each game;


●Can use firearms and throwing weapons to destroy material transportation vehicles;

● However, due to the armor of the material transport vehicle will defend part of the injury;

●When the material transportation vehicle is damaged, there will be a drop of cargo boxes of different sizes;

●Cargo boxes dropped from material transportation vehicles can be picked up through interaction;

● Explosion will occur when the durability of the material transportation vehicle is completely exhausted, after which the player can access the interior of the cargo compartment;

● A large number of pick-up equipment and materials are loaded in the cargo compartment;

In the first round of the update of the eighth season, the material transport vehicles that were launched can only meet in ordinary competitions!

Balanced update

New Sano’s material refresh rate is similar to the previous version, please refer to the following for changes:

●In the new Sano C4 was removed, replaced by the iron fist rocket launcher;

Slightly adjusted the vehicle refresh in New Sano;

● Some vehicle refresh points on the material transportation vehicle route were removed;

the weather

● Sunny, sunrise, sunset and cloudy weather will appear in New Sano;

Other changes

●Due to the reset of Getaway (formerly Docks), the team elimination contest will not support Docks battlefield;

●New Sano can be selected in ordinary games, competitive games and custom games;

● The previous version of Sano will be replaced by the new Sano;

● Added a new version of Sano theme game hall and background music;

●In order to make the raised edge of the blue circle look more natural, we adjusted the gradient effect

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Survival Pass: Revenge Hunting

With the update of the new season, a new survival pass is in place! This survival pass: Sano, who resets the expedition during the revenge hunt, can get about 100 new skins. After completing the task, please get face painting and weapon skin! And improve the experience value obtained by playing games. You can get up to 7,200 XP experience just by playing the game for one day!

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Change of Pass

The following three task bars have been removed from the Survival Pass:

●Community tasks;

●Process task;

●New missions;

Seasonal task changes

●All taskbars are open at the same time as the pass is listed, replacing the previous way of opening a task channel every month;

● Added season tasks related to Sano that can get 4 weapon skins;

Challenge mission

●Challenge task is a difficult task with the theme of survival;

●It is composed of 16 tasks, and a total of 4 makeup items can be obtained;

Survival Pass Experience

● You can get more experience value according to the proportion of survival time in ordinary games or competitive games;

●When completing the game, you can get about 600XP every hour, and you can get up to 7,200XP experience value per day;


Improve the use of gasoline barrels

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Previously, the second round of the 7th season update has been added to the test suit, but due to a problem, it cannot be updated to the official service of the use of gasoline barrels. It has returned with several additional changes.

Additional changes in the second round of update in Season 7:

●Because the gasoline spilled on the ground is too conspicuous, it is easy to be discovered by the enemy;

● Therefore, the improvement of gasoline is not as obvious as before;

●In order to spread the flame on gasoline in a way similar to a burning bottle, the way of gasoline spilling was changed;

●Reduce the refreshing amount of gasoline barrels on the training ground and increase the refreshing time;

●The updated gasoline barrel can be placed in the melee weapon bar;

●When using the gasoline barrel placed in the melee weapon bar, the gasoline can be dumped in 7 seconds;

● Gasoline spilled on the ground can be ignited by shooting, using grenades and burning bottles;

● The lighted gasoline has the same amount of damage as the burning bottle, but the burning time is more durable (about 20 seconds);

● Gasoline spilled on the ground will completely volatilize after 5 minutes;

●The throwing method of gasoline barrels is the same as that of melee weapons;

●In order to make the thrown gasoline barrel more easily detonated after being shot, some gasoline will flow out when the barrel falls on the ground;

●The petrol barrel after throwing cannot be picked up again, so be careful when throwing!

Changes to the detonation mechanism of gasoline barrels

● The amount of damage is reduced to a maximum of 40;

●Like the burning flask, it will spread flame to the nearby area after detonating;

Competitive mode

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New season

With the update of the eighth season, the competitive mode will also usher in a new season. The 7th season rewards will be delivered soon, please be patient!

● Hearing feedback from players, Vikhandi has joined the competition;

●When matching in competitive games, the system will randomly select one from the maps of Allengo, Miramar, Vihandi and Sano to play the game;

With the update of the new season, the competitive points (RP) that reflect strength in competitive games will be soft reset;

●In order to get the rank of the new season, all players must play 5 positioning games;

●The leaderboards of various regions are about to be initialized;

● The 7th season rewards will be updated after the first round of the 8th season, and can be collected when logging in for the first time;

●In the early stage of updating, it may take time to issue rewards, please understand;

Competition update

Team ranking

● From now on, the team ranking will replace the personal ranking depending on the player’s competitive points (RP);

● There are still teammates surviving, but when returning to the game lobby due to personal character elimination, the player’s ranking will be judged as the team ranking when they left in the game;

● The game character does not return to the game lobby after elimination, until the teammates eat chicken, the player’s ranking will be determined as the first place;

Extra elimination points

●You can get extra RP when you eliminate the enemy more than 5 levels higher than the player (for example, the silver V eliminated the gold V);

● The greater the difference between the eliminated player’s competitive level and the player’s own level, the more additional RPs can be obtained;

●When you eliminate players higher than your own ranking, you can get extra RP;

Adjust RP fluctuations

●In order to allow players to reach the score line that meets their strength faster in competitive games, the increase or decrease of the RP score obtained by players after the game is increased by about 50%;

Changes to the conditions of competitive games

● The minimum level of survival proficiency has been increased from 20 to 40;

●This measure is to strengthen a scheme to prevent players who use unauthorized programs from entering the game;

●We will continue to study countermeasures against unauthorized procedures;

In-game rules updates for competitive games

As Vikhandi joined the competitive game, the rules in the game have been fully upgraded:

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●Weihandi added to the competition;

●Weihandi’s blue circle has been adjusted to a configuration suitable for competitive games;

● As with other maps, Vihandi has also removed the bombing zone;


●M249 will refresh a small amount on the map;

●DBS will be refreshed in the map;

● Mosin Nagan will be refreshed in the maps of Allenge and Vikandi;

● A small amount of crossbows will be refreshed on the map;

●Vehicle vehicle will refresh the fixed vehicle refresh point in e-sports mode;

● However, unlike the e-sports mode, the vehicle will not be 100% refreshed at this location in the competitive game; the power glider will be refreshed on the map with a low probability;

●Power gliders can only be refreshed in Ellenge and Miramar;

●Powered gliders will be refreshed with some gasoline in competitive games;

Signal gun

●In the future, you cannot use the signal gun to call the amphibious armored vehicle in competitive games;

●It has been confirmed that amphibious armored vehicles are used too strongly in competitive competitions;

Survival proficiency

●In order to solve the problem that players who use unauthorized programs increase the survival proficiency level too quickly to participate in competitive games, limit the maximum survival proficiency experience value available in a game to 1500XP;


●Optimize the calculation work generated when opening and closing the inventory, map and other UI, and improve the game performance degradation problem;

● The reading method of the item icon in the inventory bar is asynchronously processed, which improves the game performance degradation problem when reading items;

● Read the game data required to display the blue circle in advance before the game starts, which improves the game performance degradation problem that will occur during the game;

●Optimization of physical object (object) simulation and CPU utilization;

●Optimized thread scheduling and CPU utilization;

Sound effects

The redesign and remake of footstep sound effects, in order to provide players with better game sound effects, we have optimized the following matters. If you want to know more details about this optimization work, please check the relevant developer logs that will be released when the test server is opened later.

●Optimized the quality of the sound effect resource itself, and strengthened the details of the sound effect;

●Improved the quality of footsteps at different distances;

●Adjusted the sound effects to minimize the difference in footstep sounds produced by the character when wearing shoes and not wearing shoes;


Optimize the expression setting method, we have optimized the expression function so that players can set the expression more conveniently and quickly.

● In the future, you can directly set emoticons by dragging and dropping;

●In the future, when the setting changes, it will be automatically saved;

● Shortcut key numeric prompt has been added to the emoticon wheel menu;

● Now click on the emoticon in the emoticon wheel menu to see the preview of the emoticon;

● Emoticons owned by players will be sorted according to the date of acquisition;

●The order of expressions obtained before January 2020 may not be consistent with the actual date of acquisition;

Optimize weapon UI

● We have optimized the acceleration effect icon in the weapon UI, and now the icon will display different visual effects according to the degree of acceleration;

Optimize the background image of loading screen

● Updated the high-resolution loading background image, now the background image can match 4K quality;

Add new prompt text

●We have added a reminder text to the “Store” menu in the main menu;

● In the future, when new products are put on the shelves, relevant prompts will appear on the menu;

Optimize UI design

●Optimized the UI and unified the style of the drop-down menu, so that players can understand the operation method more clearly;

●The state of the scroll bar is unified, the draggable range is expanded and the practicality is optimized;

●The style of function prompts has been unified;

Optimize the custom game watching UI

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Top 4 UI

●When there are only 4 teams left in the game, the word “TOP 4” will be displayed in the center of the screen;

● The remaining teams, the number of survivors and the game time displayed on the right side of the screen will be changed to the number of surviving teams and the remaining time of the game;

●This function will only appear in the double-row and four-row mode; the damage amount reminder we have optimized the damage amount reminder function that can only display 4 directions, and now the damage amount reminder icon can be displayed in 360 degrees;

● The apex of the damage warning icon will point to the direction of the player who caused the damage;

●The length of the injury amount prompt icon will change according to the amount of injury;

● The damage amount prompt will show the cumulative amount of damage the player has received over a period of time;

●When the player is attacked by multiple enemies, a warning icon will appear on the screen equal to the number of attackers; attacker information

●The logo of the attacker, the team name (abbreviation), the player’s nickname and the amount of damage will be displayed next to the vertex of the prompt icon;

●The damage amount shows the cumulative damage value;

Optimize the interaction of custom games

● In the future custom game waiting room, when the player puts the mouse on an empty seat in the room that can be switched, a focus prompt will appear on the seat;

Social function “Continue to Team” system

In the future, players can more easily team up with teammates encountered in ordinary games and competitive games!

●At the end of ordinary games and competitive games, players can click the “Continue Team” button in the settlement screen to form a team;

● Among the players who have already organized the team before random matching, only the player who is the “host” of the team has the right to click the “continue team” button;

●After clicking the “Continue Team” button, players can still watch the elimination screen;

●After regrouping, players will return to the lobby together with their teammates;

● If no player stays on the game settlement screen, the “Continue Team” function will not be available;

Optimize friends directory

●The status of friends in the future will be updated in real time;


●The playback system has been updated, and the video of the previous version will not be played in the future;

Skins and props

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Newly added props (release date: August 5)

●Star Elf Weapon Set/Single Product 3

●Star elf vector

●Star Fairy scar

● Star Wizard awm ● Corgi helmet set / single product 3

●Corgi help helmet (level 1)

●Corgi help helmet (level 2)

●Corgi help helmet (level 3)

● Corgi backpack set / single product 3

● Corgi backpack (level 1)

● Corgi backpack (level 2)

● Corgi backpack (level 3)

● Emoticons (release date: July 29)

● Dance of Victory 22

BUG fix: gameplay

●Fixed the issue of abnormal footstep sound according to distance under certain circumstances;

●Fixed an issue where the sound of the player’s footsteps on other floors of a large apartment building in Ellengo sounded too small due to the floor material;

●Fixed the issue that the position of the weapon moved instantaneously when throwing melee weapons from inside the vehicle;

●Fixed the issue that the second teammate’s game character’s preparation action in the game lobby was unnatural during team formation before the game;


●Fixed the problem that part of the road of the training course is slightly floating;

●Fixed the problem that some specific objects cannot be seen according to the magnification of the sight in the training field;

●Fixed the issue that players can land abnormally in the sky above the training ground;

●Fixed the issue that the windows of certain buildings in the Cement Factory area of ​​Vihandi could not be destroyed when the player jumped the window;


●Fixed the issue that the scroll bar in the store menu page is too narrow;

●Fixed the problem of confrontation mode: some system information during occupation is displayed in other languages;

●Fixed the problem that the wrong preview screen is displayed when previewing the already sold treasure chest in the appearance menu;

●Fixed an issue where a punishment prompt pop-up window would appear on the screen if the player tried to leave the game when watching and eliminated his own enemy player;

●Fixed the issue of jumping to the player’s unselected page when clicking a specific menu from the main page;

●Fixed an issue where the previous season name was displayed incorrectly in the record menu;

●Fixed the problem that the weapon information equipped by the player cannot be displayed normally in the UI displaying weapon information when watching the player equipped with the weapon;

Skins and props

●Fixed an issue where the character’s neck part was transparent when wearing a motorcycle rider jacket and Frost Princess costume;

●Fixed the problem that some of the previous skin remains when using the shadow-ridden-AKM skin and then using other gun skins during the game;

●Fixed the issue that the baseball bat in the third season of PEL 2019 is displayed as other skins;

●Fixed the problem of overlapping with characters when wearing a big trouble bra.

●Fixed the problem of overlapping while wearing PLAYERUNKNOWN trench coat and PGC 2019 combat trousers.


●Fixed the issue that the angle of view display is abnormal when exporting playback videos under certain circumstances

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The blog is developed for programmers, developers and startups, here we discuss the diffrent ideas of cloud technology and the ptogramming

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