Recommended reading books for javascript

Sajjad Hussain
Sep 16 · 2 min read
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At present, HTML and CSS books on the market are all similar to each other. Many Javascript book authors do not have a thorough understanding of the Javascript language. Let’s take a look at the recommended reading books at each stage of learning javascript!


“JavaScript Advanced Programming” A very complete classic introductory book, known as one of the JavaScript bibles, with very detailed explanations. The latest version of the third edition has been released. It is recommended to buy.

“The Return of the JavaScript King” was written by a web development project manager from internet giant. It is also a good entry-level tutorial for beginners.

Intermediate reading

“The Definitive Guide to JavaScript” Another JavaScript Bible, with very detailed explanations, is an intermediate reading material, it is recommended to buy it.

“JavaScript.The.Good.Parts” Yahoo Daniel, JavaScript spiritual leader Douglas Crockford’s masterpiece, although only more than 100 pages, but every word! It is strongly recommended to read.

“High Performance JavaScript” Another great work by Nicholas C. Zakas, author of “JavaScript Advanced Programming”.

“Eloquent JavaScript” This book is only more than 200 pages, very short, and introduces all aspects of JavaScript through several very classic examples (aunt Emily’s cat, tragic hermit, simulation ecosystem, Sokoban game, etc.) Knowledge and application methods.

Advanced reading

“JavaScript Patterns” The book introduces various classic patterns, such as constructors, singletons, factories, etc., which are worth learning.

“Pro.JavaScript.Design.Patterns” Apress Publishing House’s book on JavaScript design patterns is very good.

“Developing JavaScript Web Applications” A good book for building rich applications, with a more in-depth explanation of the MVC pattern, and also an explanation of some process libraries.

“Developing Large Web Applications” Not only the introduction of JavaScript, but also the introduction of CSS and HTML, but the content of the introduction is very good. It is worth considering how to design the JavaScript architecture under a large-scale Web program. read

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