The 10 most important IT skills in 2020

Sajjad Hussain
Sep 26 · 6 min read
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According to the latest report from Global Knowledge, with the spread of the epidemic, more companies are being pushed to a faster digital process, and the demand for virtualization skills is also increasing. Considering that these skills may play a key and positive role in the recovery of enterprises.

1. Cyber ​​Security

Network security has jumped to the top of the list this year, which is largely due to the epidemic. Because many companies are forced to slow down or re-prioritize IT projects and investments, more consideration must be given to which skills can help them rebuild effectively. A recent IDC survey also shows that whether in economic recession or slow growth, companies are prioritizing cyber security skills.

Although companies face budget constraints during special periods, network security is still an area that cannot be ignored. In recent months, the digital world can be described as a “playground” for cybercriminals. They have developed many novel strategies to seize sensitive data. Before COVID-19, cyber security has become a top priority. More than 50% of IT decision makers worldwide expect their companies to invest in cyber security this year.

2. Cloud Computing

It is undeniable that the market has a high demand for cloud services, and the reason why cloud is so important is that it can intersect with all other skills.

For example, cloud changes the game. Under the leadership of cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, cloud has the ultimate driving force. It opens up new revenue channels by using artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Other content , Such as data analysis, network, project management and network security are also greatly affected by cloud adoption.

As for the role of cloud in economic recovery, IDC predicts that IT spending will fall by 5.1% this year, but if there is growth, it is likely to be in the cloud. Many organizations Interconnection focuses on one-stop services such as multi-cloud and hybrid cloud connection deployment, and integrates multiple network connection resources, which can provide support for enterprises to go to the cloud and improve their cloud deployment and investment benefits.

3. Data Analysis and Data Science

The generation of new data means that the total amount of data continues to accumulate. Data analysis is one of the popular applications, because companies need professionals who can store and manage data, and data scientists are required to mine this data and understand how to use it for solutions. Questions and make wise decisions.

However, as companies struggle to manage large amounts of new data, this is a double-edged sword. IDC estimates that by 2025, 163 ZB of data will be created and replicated globally, 10 times the data created in 2016. These new data continue to accumulate, causing many storage and security risks, which must be resolved, and IT professionals are urgently needed to manage data growth. This is the biggest challenge facing the IT department, and the fact that decision makers cannot find qualified personnel with this specific skill makes the situation worse.

In fact, data has become an important part of businesses and governments because it can help leaders make decisions based on facts and trends, while data scientists and analysts extract, process, and analyze data to answer key questions and make predictions. Support these efforts. For companies currently at an economic downturn, nearly half of IT professionals said that data analysis will become an important skill for them to return to the path of growth.

4. Networking and wireless

According to Cisco, by 2023, the number of devices connected to IP networks will be more than three times the global population, and network engineers and administrators will continue to assume important job roles. IDC predicts that during the economic slowdown, spending in areas such as IT infrastructure will not suffer a major blow. According to a survey, 15% of respondents hope their companies invest in networks and wireless LANs.

5. Software Development

The software development job market is growing faster than most IT jobs. By 2028, the jobs of software developers are expected to grow by 21% and the jobs of application developers are expected to grow by 28%. The reason for the growth is the increasing demand for computer software and mobile phone applications.

In response to these needs, IT decision makers said that mobile application development is one of the weaker skills of their team, so it is more important to have these skills.

6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As companies increasingly use big data to make data-driven decisions, the demand for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning skills will continue to grow. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to identify patterns and trends that humans cannot see or process using traditional methods.

They can also automate time-consuming and cumbersome tasks, which is crucial, because nearly 50% of IT professionals say that workload hinders both work and training, and artificial intelligence and machine learning are key to 2020 The investment field is not surprising.

For companies that have slowed their business due to the epidemic, AI is also one of the most important skills. Almost every company now has employees working remotely. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can improve endpoint security and protect data and devices connected to the company’s network. IDC predicts that the AI ​​market will grow by 12.3% year-on-year, which indicates that the growth rate of the market is lower than in recent years, but IDC predicts that AI will recover faster than other areas.

7. Project Management

87% of IT decision makers said that skills gaps pose a medium to high risk to team goals, which is why project planning is more important than ever. There are many obstacles that prevent projects from being completed on time and within budget. Creating, communicating, and executing project strategies are the main areas of project management.

Therefore, in a period of uncertainty, companies need project management skills to help the team focus on providing the right value to the employer, through continuous education and improvement to pursue excellence in project management, so that it can consistently deliver high-quality value .

8. Programming

By 2028, computer programming jobs are expected to decrease by 7%. However, programming jobs (as a subset of programming) will increase to 28 million globally in the next few years. Python, JavaScript, and C# are some of the more popular programming languages. With the popularity of mobile applications, the demand for coders will increase. Coding is also an important skill for network engineers. As network complexity increases, there is a greater need for automated configuration and operation tasks.

9. IT Service Management

There is no doubt that the IT service management associated with this will undoubtedly play an important role in the recovery work, and corporate goals may change in the next few months, so adopt a detailed set of best practices to help IT operations Alignment with business strategy is crucial. Given that enterprises rely on remote labor, certified professionals will play an important role in helping to improve the capabilities of physically disconnected teams and managing the entire IT lifecycle during this special period.

10. Virtualization

Virtualization is still a useful way to reduce IT expenditures and improve IT agility. These are two functions that are urgently needed. Virtualization is the main focus of companies of all sizes. This year, virtualization is the world’s eighth largest technology focus area. Decision makers are still investing heavily in the concept, and employees are looking for these skills.

According to the Spiceworks report, the adoption of virtualization technology is expected to achieve double-digit growth in the next two years, while storage virtualization and application virtualization are also expected to increase the adoption rate. Spiceworks predicts that by 2021, the application virtualization rate will increase from the current 39% to 56%.

Cloud Belivers

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Sajjad Hussain

Written by

Digital Nomad

Cloud Belivers

The blog is developed for programmers, developers and startups, here we discuss the diffrent ideas of cloud technology and the ptogramming

Sajjad Hussain

Written by

Digital Nomad

Cloud Belivers

The blog is developed for programmers, developers and startups, here we discuss the diffrent ideas of cloud technology and the ptogramming

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