The new applications of Java programming language

Sajjad Hussain
Jul 13 · 3 min read
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Java is one of the most widely used languages ​​and is usually the main language used by most programmers . From network security to video games , many applications in different fields have been written in this language .

In fact, according to the TIOBE index, Java is the most used programming language , second only to C, followed by Python.

On May 23 the Java date of the 25th anniversary of the occasion , the acquisition of the company in 2010 Oracle announced the use of the programming language of 25 kinds of the best applications list.

Java in space

The list starts with an application for controlling “ Mars rover “ (vehicles traveling on the surface of Mars). NASA scientists used a three-month Java-based Master Science Activity Planner to control the aircraft.

We can also find Java in WorldWind , which is an SDK released by NASA, so that programmers can add NASA’s geographic rendering engine to their own Java, Web, or Android applications .

Oracle reports that organizations around the world use WorldWind to “monitor weather patterns, visualize cities and terrain , track vehicle movement, analyze geospatial data, and educate humans on Earth.”

These are not the only Java applications used in the space. JavaFX Deep Space Trajectory Explorer is a Java programming tool that allows you to generate views and multi-dimensional models for any system or asteroid , and filter millions of points in an intensive visual search.

JMARS and JMoon are two other tools that NASA scientists usually program in Java . JMARS is a geospatial information system, and JMoon analyzed the wide-angle camera images of the “ Moon” reconnaissance orbiter, a robotic spacecraft that has been orbiting the moon since its launch in 2009 and sent its observations to NASA.

Another application is the Java programming small body mapping tool (SMBT), the tool data using the spacecraft mission display asteroids, comets and small satellites in 3D.

From Wikipedia to miners

The famous Wikipedia encyclopedia Lucene’s original search engine was based on Java. In 2014, Wikipedia replaced its search engine with Elasticsearch written in Java .

Doug Cutting, who wrote Lucene, also wrote an open source framework for MapReduce operations . This framework is an algorithm for processing data on large computers. He also uses Java to implement it.

They also use Java PGX and , one of the world’s fastest graph analysis engines (one designed to democratize artificial intelligence (AI) and act as a virtual data scientist and help machine learning experts improve efficiency.

Mojang developed by the arcade video game Minecraft is one of the best-selling game in history, originally also from the Java Development of . Because this language is used, it allows programmers to create their own modifications .

It also uses the Java the Jitter programming, the Java the Jitter is absorbed floating in leJOS prototype robot on the International Space Station (ISS) particles built for Lego Mindstorms virtual machine for developing a programmable robot Lego hardware and software environment and Toy building blocks.

The list also includes tools such as NetBeans, Eclipse IDE, and IntelliJ IDEA , which can be used to program in languages ​​such as Java and Ruby, Python, and Go .

Jenkins is an open source continuous integration server created in 2004 that can help quickly, automatically build , test, and deploy applications . It is also written in Java.

Java is also used in the National Security Agency (NSA). The agency introduced Ghidra , an open-source Java-based tool that researchers use to understand how “malware” works and check for weaknesses in its own code.

VisibleTesla is an application created in 2013 to monitor and control Tesla Model S vehicles. The source code for Java-based applications is available on GitHub.

For its part, SmarThings is an Internet of Things (IoT) application developed by a company of the same name, which allows the use of “smartphones” or “smartphones” to control and automate everything from locks and thermostats to security systems and coffee machine. Tablet .

The list also includes projects related to human genome research, such as the open source tool Integrated Genome Browser , which allows researchers to zoom, scroll, and graph genomic data to identify and annotate genetic features. Another similar tool is BioJava , which is an open source library for processing biological data.

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