What’s wrong with the unstable ranking of website SEO optimization?

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 13 · 3 min read
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There are many website SEO optimizations that encounter such a situation. The website ranking is after the home page, but the website ranking is unstable, and sometimes there is no ranking! Why is the website ranking unstable? What is the problem? How to solve it?

The website ranking is unstable. It’s not that the website’s weight is low, the competitiveness is too weak, and the ranking is slowly stabilized. After the website has a preliminary ranking, if the ranking is one after another, the website SEO optimization needs to take a good look at the internal website. What causes the website ranking to be unstable? Here is a summary of the factors that cause the website ranking to be unstable under normal optimization techniques.

1. How to solve the unstable website ranking?

1. The opening speed of the site affects ranking fluctuations

Everyone knows this problem. It requires space and server configuration, but some content or pictures of the website will always open slowly or open for a long time.

Solution: The opening speed of the website is not only a rigid requirement for the configuration, the webmaster’s adjustments to the website’s picture optimization and code optimization will promote the website opening speed.

2. The increase in website bounce rate affects ranking fluctuations

Some websites have to say that the title is very good, but the quality and value of the actual content is not too high, resulting in a poor user experience and an increase in website bounce rate, resulting in a decrease in the search engine’s rating of the site.

Solution: Improve the quality of articles to meet user needs and provide substantive content combined with title descriptions to improve the problem of insufficient site quality. You can also recommend corresponding high-quality articles to the top to increase user stickiness.

2. What are the factors affecting website ranking?

1. Low website page views affect ranking

Although the keyword rankings of some internal pages on some sites are relatively OK at the beginning, the rankings are not ideal later, mainly due to low page views. If a large new site has very high page views, there is no possibility that the page has no ranking. After all, the user’s search results are communicated to inform the search engine that the page has a wider audience and meets the needs of users, and the search engine will naturally give a high-quality ranking.

Solution: Drain traffic, use sharing and other methods to drain the site, such as blogs, google, facebook, forums, etc.

2. User demand affects ranking fluctuations

In fact, it is not difficult to find that many sites started to rank relatively high on certain keywords, but then the word ranking slowly declined. This problem requires a reasonable analysis. Sometimes it is not that the website is poor or the operation method is wrong. , It is that user needs have not been effectively met. After all, as user needs change, website rankings will naturally change accordingly. When the ranking drops, it indicates that users have greater needs and are no longer on your website.


Improve the awareness of user needs, create value information corresponding to user needs, and increase the popularity of the site. User needs and user experience are topics that SEO webmasters are committed to unchanged. Just seizing the needs will not convert rankings. problem

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