Do You Track Your Cloud Server’s Efficiency?

It’s crucial to frequently check the functionality of your cloud server, as with any web host. Regardless of how strong your cloud server is, you will lose out if it isn’t performance-optimized. What does that involve, though?

Track and assess it all is the quick response. Naturally, if you don’t comprehend how your server typically works by watching and evaluating bandwidth utilization over time, you can’t tell whether its efficiency is excellent or terrible. You may rapidly decide whether to be concerned about or dismiss a surge in resource utilization by establishing what “standard” is. You will also be prepared to look into the origin of any unanticipated disruptions or performance hiccups.

What Linux Open Source Tools Can I Use to Monitor My Server?

You may monitor your server using a variety of open-source, free Linux programs, including:


Vmstat gives data on virtual memory metrics, including applications, memory, paging, block IO, traps, and CPU activity, in addition to a rapid assessment of your server’s overall well-being.


Iostat may detect technical glitches with local or distant disks by gathering and displaying operating system storage input and output information.

Top Top is a program that shows the kernel of your server’s real-time processes and processor utilization.

The System Activity Analysis, or SAR, gathers, summarizes, and records data on a variety of system loads, including CPU, memory/paging, I/O, device load, and network.

Track the effectiveness of websites and applications

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the performance of your website or application in adding to your network.

Tracking your use from all angles is really helpful since remote monitoring may directly impact how well your website and applications run. For instance:

Do you know how much bandwidth your websites and apps consume every day?

Do you know when your usage peaks are and which apps use the most resources?

Do you know how many people visit your website each day? Does it change all the time?

We suggest the tools listed below to help you find the answers to those questions, but you can also use the Linux utilities mentioned above. For instance, Top can offer superb application bandwidth utilization.

It’s wise to experiment with a few different tools to see which ones suit you the best. Another could detect a blind spot in one tool, and if it is not addressed, it might lead to serious efficiency problems in the future. A plethora of data is available on the functionality and health of your website using tools like those described below.

Additionally, if you’re seeking advice on enhancing your website’s speed in particular, check out this blog.

What Tools Boost the Efficiency of Websites?

You may utilize a variety of website Efficiency tools, such as:

Finally, we advise you to use a log analytics solution to consolidate these logs. Depending on how much data your cloud has produced, sorting through it all could be challenging or even impossible. It may be simple to store, monitor, manage, and analyze your server logs using a solution like our Log Storage.

Putting a priority on cloud efficiency

Cloud Efficiency management doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing. It may really be fairly straightforward if you have chosen a suitable set of monitoring and analytics tools. It should not be a surprise that the cloud exists to simplify your business operations. You will be better able to identify and fix problems, enhancing the uptime and speed of your website or application and enticing customers to interact with your company more the more you are aware of how your complete system cloud functions. A little tracking may make a big difference in the development of your firm.

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Originally published at on November 3, 2022.



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