CMU Week — Project Lead and TA for New Semester

Jan. 16 ~ Jan. 22, 2023

Weekly Status:

  • Morale(1 ~ 10): 10
  • Parties and Events: 2 (Chinese New Year, Failed 3D Avatar)

Hi 👋 I’m Sunny. This is CMU Week!

It had been an emotional week. I was assigned the team lead of a project wasn’t my top 3 choices. I officially got the TA position of Sensor Based System. Moved forward in a relationship and met each other’s friends and families. It had been a lot!

It was the first day of the semester, a snowy Tuesday morning. I received the email about the Studio Project, which determined the project I would work on and the teammates I would work with for the whole year. I was a little surprised by the result since the project wasn’t my top 3 choices. The project was decent, but I really hoped to work on a project that’s not from 0 to 1. I had worked on numerous software projects from 0 to 1 and 1 to 10 so I prefer to work on products in other stages. In the meanwhile, I was extremely flattered to be assigned as a team lead and I really loved the team. Thus, lots of things happened and lots more remained unknown. Let’s see how things go!

Officially got the TA position for Sensor Based System. I had been reaching out to instructors for TA opportunities. I was a terrible student during undergrads so I never TA before or even thought about it before. Thus, one of the things I really wanted to achieve for graduate degree was being a TA and/or RA. There were tons of paperwork to do for the first few weeks and to get used to what to do to be a good TA.



I’m Sunny, a self-taught software engineer, studying Master of Software Engineering in CMU.

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Sunny, Lee

CMU Master of Software Engineering student who loves outdoor activities