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Become an Infinidash Master

So, you must have come out of a cave if you still have yet to hear about the new service by AWS. Infinidash.

So what is exactly Infinidash?
As explained by @TartanLlama, Infinidash is a new technology in the field of the hyper-bus macro-container, that provides reactive encryption to use in several cipher multiplexers and…

ok, sorry, I just can’t. it’s too funny.

It actually started when @jna_sh suggested that it shouldn’t take more than a couple of big-shot developers in order to make a hype over a made-up technology so it will become a job requirement within a week.

I honestly saw it as a take on HRs and C-level managers who always run after the most cutting-edge and hyped technologies without even understand what is it about.

Click here for more by @ScottAdamsSays

But, According to @jna_sh the take was on AWS, which creates “completely impenetrable and indistinguishable” product brands.

Was he right, though?
Looks like he was, in a way.

The name immediately became trending on Twitter and the whole social-network became a mix of people who carry the joke further, and innocent people trying to figure out what is the new revolutionary buzzword that is here to stay.

And then sh… I mean, stuff got real.
Hands-on AWS Twitter account alongside AWS CTO Werner Vogels took it to the next level by hilariously acknowledging the new service.

Werner Vogels Published an event that should have been taking place during the halftime of the Belgium — Italy match last Friday.
Hands-on AWS Twitter account introduced the new certification — Infinidash Professional, which obviously is the most high-level certification up to date.

And then all hell broke loose with this joke.

Jeff Barr (AKA the face at the bottom of almost every documentation you have ever read) asked the audience to share their use cases in order to have CloudWatch support for Infinidash.

@ian-rutson presented his non-fake-at-all-and-totally-not-an-auto-scaling-configuration dashboard of the new services.

@openmfisch already added this most wanted skill on his LinkedIn account.

Such like any other new technology, There has been some issue with Infinidash as well.

And the funniest one of all, the new book by O’Reilly Media (or O RLY?) — Advanced Infinidash

Seriously, just search for #infinidash on Twitter

Is it just a joke gone huge? or maybe a smart marketing trick? I guess only time will tell.

I gotta go get my Infinidash certification now.



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