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Use Windows Terminal (On Windows 10) to access remote servers

This article was written for the Windows terminal on Windows 10. Things might be different, and easier to use on Windows 11

If you are not familiar with the feature, Windows has a new Terminal that really upgrades the shell version in windows.

  • Fast access to all shells including CMD, PowerShell, and any WSL distribution installed.
  • Easy customization and styling (Just look it up).

The main feature is the ability to switch between your different terminals and WSL command lines:

But it’s also possible to access remote servers using a small change in the configuration file.

Let’s access the configuration file:

Now let’s locate the profiles array:

Under “list” let’s just copy one of the sections and paste it at the end. Don’t forget to add a comma between.

Now let’s change.

In this example I use an EC2 server:

  • guid: Just put a random GUID. you can use this site.
  • hidden: Keep false.
  • name: Give it a name.
  • Now instead of “source” use “commandline” like this:

“commandline”: “ssh ubuntu@SERVERIP -p 22 -i ~\\.ssh\\KeyPair.pem”

Make sure to put the key pair you got from AWS in the relevant location.

Also, the username should be relevant to the specific type of instance you created.

It should look like this:

Now save and open the new terminal:



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