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TAT- Evaluate the efficiency of the Lab by keeping a Track of Test Time

Management and efficiency are the key factors in the pathological sphere. The faith of the patients depends upon how proficiently the tests are conducted. To perform each test takes a definite time and procedure. The arrangements and supervision of all the tests are not a cup of tea, as it involves a lot of control and involvement, especially in this COVID period.

TAT Schedule
For this reason, Cloud Pathology has come up with a one-stop solution. The software is designed with an exclusive Turn Around Time or TAT feature for your lab. TAT is a performance indicator measuring the time it takes to respond to a test request. It is a major indicator in the evaluation of system planning and scheduling algorithms of lab efficiency.

The feature in CP is intended in the most user-friendly pattern. It enhances the effective use of time, as with TAT you can detect the time consumption of all the tests.

How TAT works in CP?

Turn Around Time is the duration between the accession of the sample to the checkout of the report. The TAT overview tab consists of a performance chart or sheet, where you can observe the compliance percentage along with the remaining time just by a click. All the overdue tests can be easily detected from the worklist which makes it simple for you to track the off beam points.

All along with a better rate of evaluation, TAT allows you to detect the response time of individual tests. So, CP has resolved the assessment of performance for you. Now, monitoring and improving tests is your cup of tea only with Cloud Pathology.

Cloud Pathology can help your lab grow; digitalizing your lab will help in generating higher revenue, reduced work, and work in a well-organized manner.

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Cloud Pathology can help your lab grow, digitalizing your lab will help in generating higher revenue, reduced work, and work in a more efficient manner.

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