Android Instant Apps | Run Apps Without Installation

Google yesterday introduced Android Instant Apps at its annual conference Google IO 2016. Android Instant Apps enables apps to run instantly, without requiring installation. It brings beautiful experience of Android Apps with instant go. Just tap an app link and it will let you to the app directly and you can use the same without installation.

Android Instant Apps__2

Developers need not build new separate apps, use same APIs, project, and source code, just update the existing app with Instant App functionality. After the upgrade, these apps will be compatible with devices that are running Android 4.1 or higher (Jelly Beans). This is a great stuff taken care by Google, it does not only available to android N or android marshmallow but supported the older version as well.

Though there are some limitations so far, for example these can’t access unique device identifiers or can’t use background services but still this is a great move by Google to facilitates a billion users to use apps which they do not want to use too often.

Android Instant Apps will be rolled out by the end of this year.