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AWS SCIM and AWS IAM Identity Center

AWS.151 Taking a look at AWS SCIM options

AWS SCIM Documentation

Where do your identities end up when you use AWS SCIM per the AWS documentation?

  • The first option would be to store all your users in a directory at AWS. I explained what directories are in my post on identity providers (IdPs).
  • I could change this here to an External Identity Provider and choose to integrate with Okta, for example.
  • There’s also an option to integrate with Active Directory, which technically could be an External Identity Provider as well, but AWS offers different mechanisms for using Active Directory in or with your AWS account.

Using an IdP With AWS IAM

AWS SCIM Attack Surface

  • Create a user in Okta
  • Obtain the credentials
  • Assign the user to a group in Okta
  • Wait for the SCIM syncing process to complete.
  • Log into AWS and do whatever that user based on the group permissions?

Concerns with AWS Identity Center and Okta Integration via SCIM

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