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AWS Service Control Policies

Governance: Setting security controls at the organizational level

  • Create or choose a principal that is allowed to deploy SCPs.
  • Create or choose a principal that is allowed to manage domain names (transfers, register, deregister).
  • Create an SCP that denies all but our SCP admin to create, modify or delete SCPs.
  • Create an SCP to require MFA for all role assumptions for users.
  • Create an SCP that denies all but our domain administrator principal perform the Route 53 domain actions and only in the domains account.
  • Create an SCP to deny PassRole to any user because as noted we currently don’t need that permission and it poses a risk. (We are using roles with the CLI and requiring MFA.) We can restore this permission if and when we need it later.
  • Create a PermissionBoundary that only allows users to change their own password, manage their own MFA keys, or add their own developer keys. *
  • Create an SCP to Deny anyone but our IAM Admin from using the CreateUser permission and can only add a user with the specified PermissionBoundary.
  • Limit root account actions.
  • Prevent the account from being removed from the organization to circumvent the rules.
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