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Teri Radichel
Cloud Security
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Teri Radichel is a professional cybersecurity speaker, trainer, and author. The following are links to some of her past presentations, articles, blog posts, books, and security classes. For more information please follow Teri on Twitter @teriradichel, contact her on LinkedIn, or visit the 2nd Sight Lab website to see services she offers such as cloud security training, cloud penetration testing and cloud security assessments.

Teri Radichel ~ rhymes with “pickle” ;-D

Cybersecurity Books

Cybersecurity for Executives in the Age of Cloud.

Learn about cybersecurity fundamentals such as networking, identity and credentials, encryption, vendor assessments, supply chain security, security automation, DevOps and more. Written at the executive level for those new to cybersecurity concepts or who are trying to understand how cybersecurity applies to cloud environments. The sole purpose of this book is to help organizations understand how to reduce cybersecurity risk and stop data breaches.

Cloud Security Classes

Teri Radichel is the author of a 5-Day Cloud Security Class designed for any level covering AWS, Azure, and Google. She prefers teaching it to cross-functional teams so organizations can engage in discussion to help understand each other’s roles in reducing cybersecurity risk. Virtual training available for a minimum of 10 students at a single organization. Curriculum: 2nd Sight Lab cloud Security Training

Cybersecurity and Cloud Security Conference Presentations

RSA 2020 ~ Serverless Attack Vectors

Serverless Days Hamburg

DOM XSS Attacks and Prevention ~ IANS November 2020 Webinar

RSA 2018 ~ Red Team vs. Blue Team on AWS with Kolby Allen

AWS re:Invent 2018 ~ RedTeam vs. Blue Team on AWS with Kolby Allen

Microsoft Build 2019 ~ DIY Security Assessment with SheHacksPurple

AWS re:Invent and AWS re:Inforce 2019 ~ Are you ready for a Cloud Pentest?

Azure for Auditors ~ Presented to Seattle ISACA and IIA

OWASP AppSec Day 2019 — Melbourne, Australia

Bienvenue au congrès ISACA Québec 2019 KeynoteQuebec, Canada (October 7–9)

Cloud Security and Cybersecurity Presentations

Cybersecurity and Cloud Security Podcasts

Cybersecurity for Executives in the Age of Cloud with Teri Radichel

Teri Radichel on Bring Your Own Security Podcast

Understanding What Cloud Security Means with Teri Radichel on The Secure Developer Podcast

Masters of Data ~ Sumo Logic Podcast

White Papers and Research Reports

Securing Serverless: What’s Different? What’s Not?

Create a Simple Fuzzer for Rest APIs

Improve Detection and Prevention of DOM XSS

Penetration Testing and Defense Against Blind XSS

Balancing Security and Innovation with Event-Driven Automation

Critical Controls that Could have Prevented the Target Breach

Packet Capture on AWS

Cybersecurity News Articles

Why Patching is Hard — Technical Challenges by Teri Radichel for Dark Reading

Why Patching is Hard — Organizational Challenges by Teri Radichel for Dark Reading

Indicators of Compromise in DNS Logs by Teri Radichel for IT Briefcase

People do what you Inspect, Not What You Expect by Teri Radichel for InfoSecurity Magazine

Cloud Security for Developers: Governance and Management by Teri Radichel for aCouldGuru

Cloud Security for Developers: Do You Really Need a Security Team? by Teri Radichel for aCouldGuru

Cloud Security for Developers: How Developers Can Help Stop Data Breaches? by Teri Radichel for aCouldGuru


Think Twice Before Using Facebook, Google, or Apple to Sign In Everywhere by Lily Hay Newman for Wired

Former Cloud Security Curriculum Advisor Board, instructor, content reviewer, and lab updates for Sans Institute Cloud Security Architecture and Operations Class

Cloud Security Blog

Check out the menu at the top of the page to access the articles on this blog.

Cloud Security Blog

Check out the 2nd Sight Lab cloud security blog authored by Teri Radichel

Cybersecurity for Executives: Cybersecurity information at the executive level. Some draft chapters for Teri Radichel’s book at the top of the page. The book has more complete information.

Woman in Cyber: Information for women in information security and technology. Personal stories and insights.

Cloud Penetration Testing: Cloud penetration testing tips and insights including OWASP top 10, cloud configurations, and other application vulnerabilities.

Cloud Security Engineering: Cybersecurity information for Cloud Engineers.

Cloud Data Breaches: Analysis of and insights from cloud data breaches. What could we learn or do better?

Connecting to Clouds: Information for those connecting to cloud services as well as simple tactics to improve cybersecurity for home users and small businesses.

External Blog Posts

Indicators of RDP Brute Force Attacks

Configuration Management to the Rescue: Patching and S3 Buckets

Top Cloud Security Threats

The Problem With Hacking Back: It Might Be Your Network

S3 Bucket Security: More Than ACLs and Bucket Policies

The Black Swan in Security Statistics ~ Zero Day Malware

The Seattle CTO Club — Sharing Security Information

DNSMasq Vulnerabilities Affect Network Devices, Microservices, and More

Where in the World is that Network Traffic Coming From?

Are Social Media Bots Influencing You?

The Insider Threat: History and Defense

Were the US Navy Ship Collisions the Result of Hacking?

Packet Capture on AWS ~ New Solutions to Old Problems

Using Firewall Policies to Auto-Block Rogue Hosts on External Networks

Carbon Black Data Leaks — A Good Reminder to Protect Keys

Hacking Door Locks and Car Locks (Or Anything Wireless)

Auto-Blocking Suspicious Hosts Found in Traffic Logs

Automate Deployment of a Security Appliance on AWS

CloudFormation Benefits for Secure AWS Deployments

How Can Automation Improve Security?

Can The Cloud Be “More Secure”?

…and others not listed here…

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Teri Radichel
Cloud Security

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