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What cybersecurity information are you seeking? I might have covered it in one of my prior blog posts. Here’s a list of posts arranged by cybersecurity topic.

Have a Cybersecurity Question?

Cybersecurity Certifications, Careers and Jobs

No paywall on these stories. If you’re looking to get into cybersecurity as a profession, want to get certified, or are trying to hire cybersecurity professionals, these stories might help.

Automating Cybersecurity Metrics

I started building out a full, automated cloud infrastructure on AWS with code you can use on GitHub.

Network Security

Network Security, Cloud Networking, and Home Networking. Firewalls, WiFi and Packets

Abstraction in Cybersecurity

Cloud Governance And Cloud Security

AWS Organizations


AWS Security

Cloud Security Architecture

Ubuntu, Ubuntu on AWS EC2


IoT (Internet of Things) Security

Some of my networking topics above also cover IoT security

Small Business and Startup Cybersecurity

I cover a lot of topics that will be beneficial to anyone setting up security for a small business in my posts above on networks security. Also anyone operating in a cloud environment may want to read my posts on cloud security. Small business and startup executives and venture capitalists or angel investors may want to read my book at the bottom of this post.

Supply Chain Security

AWS Lambda


Azure Security

GCP and Google Security

DNS Security

Penetration Testing, Security Assessments and Bug Bounties


GitHub and Git Security

Cybersecurity for Executives and Cybersecurity Strategy

I wrote a book on this topic linked at the bottom. Here are a few of the posts.

Application Security and Secure Code

Data Security and Data Governance

MFA and Passwords

Data breaches — cloud breaches, data breaches, blast radius, credentials, misconfiguration, and more

Encryption and Key Management

WiFi and wireless security

Cloud Governance, Cybersecurity Governance, Risk Management

DevOps and DevSecOps, SDLC, and Deployment Systems

Batch Job Security

Security Products

Cybersecurity book reviews and book recommendations

Video Conferencing and AWS Workspaces

Machine Learning and AI in CyberSecurity



AWS Lambda

Mac Security

Avoid getting scammed

Cybersecurity Investments

Cyberlaw and Geopolitical Risks

Industry specific cybersecurity issues and guidance

Travel Industry

Mortgage and Real Estate Industries

Oil Industry


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Cloud Security

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